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Adult Written by606201186 April 9, 2008

cheers sucks

This was the most boring,unfunniest show in the history of television.Nothing but a bunch of lonely drunks looking for acceptance.
Adult Written byLowe's man July 19, 2014

Good customer service is on tap.

Parents need to know that this classic bar comedy is morally a mixed bag. For example, there are the sex jokes, as you point out. Then there are the wisecracks, particularly from Carla. Parents may also want to talk to their teens about the drinking. On the flip side, all the drinking obviously must've been in moderation since no one ever gets drunk. (I hope that there was always a designated driver.) Also, for all the sex jokes, there was never any sex on the show. Moreover, everyone who works at the Cheers bar- even mouthy Carla- provide good customer service, the kind that would keep customers coming back. Lastly, it's not strictly a "white collar" bar or a "blue collar" bar. The people who go to that bar are from a wide variety of job occupations. That's more than what I can say about many bars- or churches or neighborhoods or schools or family gatherings- in real life. To sum it up, while the writing is clever, this show is squarely for adults, which is why I'd give this show a red light for 12 and under and a yellow light for 13-15. Older teens can watch it, as it is tame enough for 16 and 17, but even for kids at that age, parents may want to supervise the viewing, at least initially. All this said, the show is clever. And let's not forget that CHEERS is nonviolent, which was often pointed out during debates about violence on television in the early 90s. Indeed, during that era this show was often mentioned by name whenever it was said that some of the most popular programs were nonviolent. Some of this praise came from an unlikely source- religious conservatives (evangelicals).
Parent Written bytheblanchedsoldier February 23, 2013

Lovely show

There is really not much I can say. I love this show and I think it's great. Kids might even be able to like it. If you ever feel a bit down, this show has a way of brightening up everything.
Adult Written byAntonKreitzer December 2, 2011

Where Everybody's Known Your Name since 1982

Cheers - One of the funniest, most critically acclaimed, most superbly written and acted sitcoms ever to grace television. This is aimed at adults, although families with older children can watch it too, indeed, I first watched Cheers at the age of 17. Sam, the lead character, is a promiscuous womanizer - not for kids! This being said, he is an example of what alcohol can do to you - he was an alcoholic. Diane and Rebecca are strong leading women, although Diane is somewhat snobbish and Rebecca can be a bit angsty. Carla, the waitress, is always hilarious with her insults, another thing younger children and teens shouldn't hear. Coach and Woody, whilst being somewhat thick, have warm, friendly natures and are good examples on how people should behave in general. Then there's Frasier and Lillith, everyone's favourite intellectuals, who are quite New Age and too progressive for young minds. Finally, resident barfiles Norm and Cliff - one's a resident alcoholic who's always bickering about his wife, whilst the other is a never-ending walking trivia book. Both add much of the humour to the show. At the end of the day, under 15s shouldn't watch this, as along with the adult themes, it gives the wrong idea about alcohol - if you drank beer like Norm does in real life, you'd be dead by the time you were 40, if not before then!
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