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Adult Written byBabe24 March 5, 2016

Great for toddlers and babies

This DVD contains content from baby first tv, it is for ages 6 months and up but here rated at 2. Many babies are watching tv before the toddler age of 2, that's ok. It teaches young children about colors, objects and coloring. In each episode, a hat flies across each crayon, with fun festive music, then the hat lands on one crayon and then that crayon gets to go and color in some coloring pages, and another crayon goes with it. The color that was picked to color in some objects goes first and colors in all the objects that color, then says the name of it . The colored crayon repeats the name of it's color 3 times, and colors in a object that is not that color in real life. The other crayon says m-m m-m mmmm (no) and whistles for the eraser to come. The eraser erases the color out of the picture and stomps back away loudly. Then the other crayon colors in that picture to make it the right color. And all the crayons come up to festive music and color the whole picture in in a flash. Then they jump back into their box. Color crew is a fun tv show from baby first that is created for babies & toddlers, introducing them the basic colors such as red, blue, green, pink, white, purple, grey and black. With their own theme song, festive music & new coloring pages, each color from the color crew's aim is to teach each tiny tot each of their basic color names. Watch color crew every day only on baby first tv! Look for baby first tv anywhere in the world with 1000s of service providers!
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Parent Written byWillS 2 May 23, 2016

A 30 year old non parent

Show kicks ass. Its personified crayons. Nuff said.
Parent of a 3 year old Written bylrein October 14, 2014

son likes it

It seems a bit mind numbing to me, but my son likes to watch it for some reason. It does teach colors, but greatly stifles creativity. It is extremely annoying to listen to as well.
Parent Written bysueryan10 June 18, 2014

excellent color teaching

This is a wonderful show for toddlers. It teaches colors and that it is OK to make mistakes and correct your mistakes. My son (age 2) loves this show. It starts with the color crew theme song, then one color is 'chosen' by the color hat. One other color friend joins him on the coloring page. It is good for toddlers to focus on only 2 colors for one episode. The selected color colors objects in the picture the appropriate color. When he makes a mistake, his friend says 'uh, uh, uh' and calls for the eraser. The eraser comes in and says 'meh, meh, meh, meh' and erases the mistake, blows the eraser shavings off the paper and smiles. He then hops off the paper. The friend crayon then colors the correct color. Then he calls the entire 'color crew' and all the crayons march on the paper and color the remainder of the picture. Then we hear the closing theme music as the crayons all go back in their box. It is a predictable educational show for a 2-3 year old. It has helped my toddler learn all his colors, including white and pink- not just the standard primary colors. It also makes him war to use his crayons an practice writing. There is not talking in the show- so obviously there is no cursing.
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