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Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

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good for anyone who likes to think outside the box!

like it! this show is suiteable for anyone wanting to expand there knowledge on these theory's! yes, they are theory's!! and so was flying, and look at us now. we have planes every 20 miles up there i bet! and for all you who wanna say it's a bunch of bull, if HAARP was UNclassified, than why couldn't they enter? why so much security? i never heard of HAARP until now! AND most importantly, why say something is unclassified if they act like it should be classified?
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question authority

Definitely watch this show. Teach young ones that they should ALWAYS question authority. Everyone has an agenda including your government!
age 16+

If No CIA conspiracy to assassinate a popular president (Kennedy) existed, then why not declassify the CIA files of a dead man who apparently had no family?

I base my responses to the above questions on the fact that, if one looks at our recent past history where government and foreign and military policy are concerned, and notice how it seems that when a president is backed into a political corner by his preceding decisions, some form of terrorist threat or attempted action occurs. We now have a guy, from Nigeria, who planted a bomb of some sort on an airliner, and was caught. This, after all the improvements in airport security and loss of freedoms. I know from my own independent study of the Nov. 22, 1963 assassination of President Kennedy that when one goes to YouTube Rare Version of Nix Film (of the JFK assassination) and links it into an email and sends it to various news outlets, that when I try viewing the film clip now, it says, "an error has occurred. Please try again later." Been that way now for several weeks. (PS. The guy holding the rifle not far behind where Abe Zapruder stood, looks an awful lot like a CIA man from Florida in the early '60's. I saw a very small photo of him under "early '60s photo of George Joannides. You cannot enlarge the picture that I know of. Such are the ways of the "intelligence commmunity. Joannides died in 1990. His CIA files need to be declassified by Obama and released, unredacted, to the National Archives.

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