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Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

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age 7+

Epic show

It's a great show show your children when they are untroubled XD Jessy Vanturea was funny in wrestling the movie Preditor and the best Govenor since Rick Perry I love the intro "I was a navy seal a fighter and a governor I have heard things that will blow your mind" lol lol lol lol it taught me that the American regime if you mess with it they will hunt you and kill you and you should always be prepared for revolution government martial law all that good stuff this show is good for learning what the government really wants to do and real plan
age 14+

Iffy for ages 14-18

This is a great show, but it may disturb and worry younger children, and the topics are deep and complex. These shows also contain violent mature material, such as discussions of 9/11.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing