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age 13+


Worst show I've ever seen on TV. The hots are awful. I don't think they have ever been in front of camera or acted. Often dead silence like they don't know what to say because THEY ARE NOT FUNNY!!! at all. I get the Gronk may be famous in NFL but needs to stop with the hosting career. Even if no hosts were there at all, the clips are not funny!!! So you miss on both. If you like this show, you need to seek help. DO NOT WASTE a minute on this flop. If renewed, NICK has bombed.
age 8+

Okay,But Cruel and rarely Funny

I don't watch this show much because it's dumb.And it's Obviously scripted and them acting to make it funny is horrible.I bet BTS there's alot of "This is boring." Or, "What a loser." And most of them aren't funny because we've seen them alot of times.The Intro is nice atleast.