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Your kids may want to eat pot brownies before they get creative......

Ugh! First of all 8 PM EST???? Should be 10 or later if it has to be on at all!! I just happened to catch this show and started watching it because of Peter Riegert. Yes seems warm and fuzzy about dads living at home with their adult kids but the idea ends there. I would not want my 14 year old daughter watching this; The young couple has dialogue such as "are you trying to have intercourse with me" dad walks in "oh are you two having sex?" in the office there's discussion about the creative person needing to get high to make him creative and the colleagues pushing him do so with the "brownies" they made. He brings the brownies home and the dad ends up eating them and he's the one who gets high. Are you kidding me? that message encourages kids to get high to be creative???Then more ridiculous comments about Jews and Asians. This is totally inappropriate for kids and young teenagers. AWFUL! And the poor actors who have to deliver the lines....terrible writing.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking