Parent reviews for Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team

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Reality show is a mix of hard work and sexuality.
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Adult Written byBLT210 May 17, 2012

A parent's nightmare is your daughter would choose this for herself.

It shows just how shallow the standards are with these cheerleaders. As a parent i could never accept that my daughter would choose to flaunt herself for something as meaningless as being a DCC. The body images that are shown would be tough to accept, and sets standards that are fleeting. This is a show that cultivates the salicious side of the DCC and tries to make it look that achieving this selection is something important.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byJtafoya5 January 27, 2016

This Show Is Ridiculous

The fact that these people demand these young woman's whole lives and they do it without giving anything in return. The cheerleaders make about $150 a game, and do not get compensated for practices yet expect "world class" and complete dedication. If they expect so much they should offer a little SOMETHING in return. What's the incentive to even make the team? For camera time? They can make YouTube videos about their horror stories of Kelli and Judy and be making wah more money.
Adult Written bysouthparkfan14 January 29, 2011

Has mixed messages

the show is pretty good but it has mixed messages, the girls are told to speak properly and be role models to little girls but how can you do that when your not wearing that much clothes?!

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byJessicaL3456 September 8, 2018

Embarrassing for women

This show should be canceled. These women demand respect yet dance like they're on a stripper pole half naked. It's embarrassing for the woman who advance themselves intellectually and push to be a decent contributor to society. These woman are twenty-something's and still live with their parents or mooch off their significant others since they can't support themselves because they choose to use their bodies instead of brains. It's just embarrassing.
Adult Written byShon H. September 2, 2016

Old Dogs

They absolutely condemn a poor girl for wearing cutouts on a dress but yet they show boobs and butt..its time Dallas Cowboys get some young blood in there because these old girl coaches need to retire. They would never make it by today's standard. It's about time other NFL teams get other cheerleader reality shows. Dallas hasn't won a championship in how long...BORING!

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