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Adult Written byPL Hans May 29, 2011

Amazing show; mature content

I'm well into season one, but I can't comment beyond that. So far, I have been kept guessing at what is going on; every episode seems to reveal so much, and yet there's always another twist. So far, the first three episodes each contained a sex scene(the first was intimate, the next two were graphic), and there was one more in episode 9(I haven't seen beyond that). Language is kept to PG-13 level, but there has been some drug use(snorting cocaine, taking pills, smoking, drinking), and a bloody corpse is seen in nearly every episode. There's little onscreen violence, although we see glimpses of a disturbing struggle, complete with the aftermath showing a knife impaled in the loser's body. One woman was shot, a man was hit with a baseball bat, and another was hit with a car. A man also pulled bloody teeth out of his mouth in a very disturbing manner.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Parent Written byedk012 April 9, 2008

Very interesting show, but watcher beware!

I watched this show for at least 6 episodes and just decided that was enough. Loved the plot, characters, etc. and the actors were great, but I kept seeing things that I can live without. Violence was definitely borderline in my opinion, but the sexual content was just too much. Not every episode had it, but enough that I decided to boycott. At one point they did reruns of early episodes for those that missed and each one was TV-14. If they would edit the Sunday rerun to TV-14 I would TIVO and continue to watch. Definitely would never want my kids to see it.
Adult Written byDamagesfan December 19, 2010

Preferebly for adults but older teens 16 and up can watch it too.

Let me just say that DAMAGES is one of the best shows I have ever seen, possibly the most scary. thrilling, brilliantly crafted/written shows ever made. There are 5 sex scenes in season 1, 2 in season 2, and 1 in season 3, NO NUDITY just thrusting and moaning. Lots of language but never goes past f*ck they never say those curse words, they regularly say sh*t, BS, SOB and some scenes are gory, there is violence and its intense throughout.
Adult Written bychristian2011 November 29, 2012

Great Show.

Damages is a very well written and acted crime thriller about a lawyer named Patty Hewes who owns her law firm in New Yorks legal scene, and she does whatever means necessary to keep yet increase her high status, even by manipulating and using her own colleagues in order to achieve her goals to win a case. That's until she meets with Ellen Parsons whom seems to share some unique simularities with, and everything changes after that. Damages has a very tense, dark psychological theme and setting to it, which may unnerve some viewers, and the violence that occurs is infrequent, but very graphic and disturbing. You see flashbacks of a man who was murdered in a bathtub (this scene is gruesome because it looks extremely real), and there's a part where someone's dog is seen lying in a pool of blood with its throat slit. Language (seasons 1-3) contains uses of godd**n, sh*t, h*ll, b*tch, and some uses of d**k and p*ssy. In seasons 4 and 5, language becomes more stronger, and contains uses of f**k, motherf**ker, c**ksucker, c**t, and other variatives. The sex scenes that occur in seasons 1-3 are very intimate and contains thrusting / moaning, but no nudity is shown. However in seasons 4-5, it shows more graphic images of nudity including breasts and buttocks, but is infrequent. Drug use really isn't a big issue, because most characters are seen smoking cigars, cigarettes, and drinking alcohol; which Patty is occassionally seen drinking a glass of bourbon (type of whiskey). If you are into thrilling crime shows, Damages is one of the best I've seen, and the acting is amazing, especially from Glenn Close.
Parent Written byjamestgreen December 3, 2014

Great Story - Gets Sketchy in Season 4 and 5

The plot and the way the story is told are both really interesting. The adult content is uncomfortable but limited in the first three season. Seasons 4 and 5 the content gets really adult and was too much for me. I sadly stopped watching the 5th season after about 5 minutes.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Parent Written byFeifei July 16, 2013

Who attempted to kill Ellen?

Uncle Pete is the man who takes care of Patty' illegal activities and keeps her safe from suspicion. He maintains that Ellen Parsons is a liability and must be taken care of, but Patty has been reluctant albeit very suspicious. Pete sends an assassin to kill Ellen with a butcher's cleaver. This was foiled when Ellen fought back and the cleaver ended up in the mans chest. His body disappears, but we don't find out until the second season that he survived, and is a long time associate of Pete's. Patty's involvement in the assassination of Ellen is unclear until late in the second season, when Ellen coerces her into admitting that she had ordered Pete to have her killed. Damages Seasons 1-5
What other families should know
Great messages
Too much swearing
Parent Written byMatthew James October 26, 2011

Know Your Child

"Damages" is a clever, well-written, drama show about these (incredibly believable) characters and a major case involving a corrupt CEO. "Damages" contains some rather risky content but even if your kid is used to it, i hardly believe anyone under 16 would be able to follow (and fully understand) the plot at all. It's all one big, long story-line containing elements most kids can't understand. The theme and characters of the show are also arguably risky. Almost exclusively promoting dominating, mean and corrupt characters younger kids could take it the wrong way and take someone like Art Frobisher as their role-model. Trust me you don't want that. I say know your kid well and think three-times before letting him see "Damages". Top notch show.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Adult Written byscenesteeler April 9, 2008


The best ever on TV! Glen Close and Ted Danson are awesome actors and their characters leave you wondering about their "character". I can't wait to watch each week. I watched each episode twice and each time I learned something different that I didn't see the first time. A true mystery!