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Surprisingly chaste, for a show about the Anti-Christ…

The story being a TV sequel of a famed horror movie means it has plenty of splashes of blood and other violent deaths. Fittingly, there are some dark themes later on. The course language is mild and with the protagonist practically having a non-existent love life (personally found that a breath-of-fresh-air) the sexual references are also mild/implicit. While the show has a lot of potential, some of the best moments are non-verbal; the dialogue at times feels inadequate or oversimplified. The horror elements mostly feel like they are added just to confirm the genre while much of the potential in creating intelligent and multifaceted discussions about faith, good-versus-evil and fate seem to be wasted. It also seems that the series would have benefited from being an original story rather than an adaptation. Since what makes the protagonist likable are also traits that don’t seem to fit with the character he’s adapted from. The biggest redeeming feature of the show, however, is the compelling protagonist. His cause to end the darkness around him is moving enough and while it’s established that he’s no man of faith, it’s not plain wickedness or arrogance that drives his lack of belief, but rather it’s due to a bitterness and the lack of control he feels.

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Too much violence