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The concept and dancing is awesome! As far as being kid friendly, it would be much more kid friendly if the host and female judge wore clothes that weren't designed to force little boys to look at their breasts and teaching little girls that promiscuous dress is appropriate. REALLY?!?!?! The show is kid friendly - the attire of the females on the show is absolutely not!!! Dresses with split down to the belly so breasts visible, strapless top so looks like topless during close ups. Do better!
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age 12+

Dangerous pro-tech messaging

I'm sorry I'm writing this review when I couldn't make it through a full episode. In fact I only got a couple of minutes in before I had to stop watching with my kids age 9 and 6. This is a reality TV dance show where real people are replaced by computer-generated monsters. I had to turn off when I heard a participant talk about how the show helped her confidence because she would never have been able to dance in the real world. While I'm sure her comments were genuine i felt uncomfortable and couldn't help thinking of what I've read about young people facing self-confidence and body-image issues as a result of social media and the filters people apply to their selfies on Instagram. So it seemed to me that this show was an attempt by the technology industry to fight back with propaganda aimed directly at young children to normalize the metaverse and persuade them that this kind of augmented reality technology is actually a force for good when, in fact, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. That is why I turned it off and give it a low rating. Wouldn't it be better if people could learn to love themselves and have the confidence to be themselves without using ridiculous computer-generated avatars?
age 8+

Cute show with a positive message

Cute show, with bright vibrant colors and a fun atmosphere. By using the CGI “monsters” a message is sent that focuses on the dancers and their talents rather than on good looks or a certain skin color, gender, or body type. It also shows that dreams matter, hard work pays off, and how to learn and grow from constructive criticism and mistakes. I also appreciate that this isn’t an “everybody is a winner” type of show, but also that even if you don’t “win” there is still something good to be gained from the experience.

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