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Trollhunters (minus the fun)

This show lacks passion in any way. Although it has a cool concept, the annoying characters, lazy voice acting, unrealistic animation (one example would be a human teen using one hand to pull up a bodybuilder who is dangling off a cliff) and the predictable plot ruin it. Young kids might like the show but it has little originality. Just watch Trollhunters instead; it has more appeal and far better execution
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age 8+

Fantasy and guts galore, oh gosh what a bore

Personally? Meh. Nothing bad about. But nothing great either. Nothing to make it stand out. So it's just that. Meh. I was expecting Lucy to be the love interest, but she wasn't, so that was a plus. Animation wasn't great. The original concept was pretty awesome, which is why I gave it 3 stars. It just felt like wasted potential. Hoagie (the pig) was the main reason I continued watching the show after the first episode. He's reasonably funny, for a pig, and the main comedic relief. The plot twist were pretty predictable. Oh, who am I kidding? I could see what was going to happen the moment I watched the first episode. So yeah, not much going on in the mystery department. But I give the A-OK if the fam isn't squeamish at the appearance of a bit of bug guts. All killing happens off screen.

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