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Overall Disappointing

If you want to sample the series, I’d say the best episodes are "We Voted Not to Space You", "Isn't That a Paradox?", and "The Dwarf Star Conspiracy". In short it’s disappointing largely because it hooks poorly. Like all shows it teaches you to care about the characters, even the mission. Like life, it is full of hooks. The key is offering twists and turns in a way that is enjoyable for the audience. Comedians understand this best. The viewer is left perplexed and disappointed. On the upside I’d say that it does have a cool android and Three’s character does have a moment of authenticity, see episodes listed above. Content: mostly sci-fi violence, but some moments are gory to include a couple of suicides. Relationally it does push the moral of friendships but the examples of stability (Threes childhood, Six’s past family) was glossed over. Every other interaction is sexual in nature to include several examples of homosexuality. Some profanity.
age 15+

I enjoyed it

It's too bad it got cancelled. As for the content, here's what you need to know: The first season has a fair amount of sexual content. Both the first and second seasons contain a lot of unnecessary violence that did bother me. The show becomes more moral as the characters develop. In my opinion, the third season is the best in every way. Something I personally value is that this show allows characters to make choices that sacrifice some lives to save more. This is contrary to a weakness I find in some shows that rule against killing at all, at the expense of some dumb outcomes. Disclaimer: I don't have any kids.
age 14+

Great show, but watch out for violence

I've seen episodes 1-11 of season 1 so far. It's a very good show. At times the violence is pretty strong: people shot and killed, impaled with swords, blood splattering, fist fights, etc. Often the violence is against "bad guys", but you can also sometimes sympathize with certain characters being harmed. Some bad guys implied a plan to rape a young woman in one scene. One scene had a woman wrapped in a towel in front of a man. She proceeded to take it off while he was talking to her and get dressed. He was uncomfortable but taking glances. It was another step in an on/off seduction and tension type of relationship between them. Nothing super sensitive was shown, but her bare back, and a front view in a shirt and panties was shown. Not for younger viewers, and all men should be cautious, I would say. Another episode had a new robot come on to the ship, with one of her functions being sexual activity. Not as much was shown as in the scene above, but there was a lot of implication and some strong innuendo. In the episodes I've seen, 3 or 4 occurrences of sexual activity total have been suggested. The main characters are wrestling with bad pasts - so sometimes they behave honorably as they try to improve themselves, sometimes very much not so. So they're not good role models overall. No one is, except maybe a younger girl, and the robot.
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it is a pretty new show so I can see how need to work out some kinks but still pretty good

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 12+


its a great show for me and my kid

This title has:

Too much violence