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Heavy Content

This film is exceptional. Captivating story, excellent casting, believable acting, intelligent dialog, and solid character development. The story is not spoon fed to you, and the director uses the scenes and expressions (not always words) to tell a very dramatic story. Although I have nothing but praise for this series, it is emotionally hard to watch. It shows the war for what it was, the occupation of France, the persecution of the Jews, and the brutality of the Nazis. I must also mention that there are two rape scenes that were hard for me to watch. In both cases the victims die, and in one case it is gang rape. Not sure why the director felt it was necessary to include these scenes. I’m glad I was alone when I watched this because I could not have watched it next to my wife or children. In some ways, this series is like watching Schindler’s List. This series is for adults. Even mature teens don’t have enough life experiences to put this film in context.