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Dawn of the Croods

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Small Dose Of Diversity, Kinda A Dumb Show

Dawn of the Croods is an interesting show. It stems from Crood's movie. There are some funny moments about this family, and overall they stick up for one another. Sometimes very large rocks fall on them. Sometimes they are running from animals trying to eat them. There is no real educational value to this show. In the end, there is a celebration of sorts that they have survived. Two men kiss in the background, in a show of LBGTQ representation.
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age 10+

Great story. Disappointing delivery

Language is a bit harsh for 6 and it's subtle.
age 10+

Poor language for younger kids

This is a good show for kids that are a little older, but they call each other names in almost every episode, and there is some aggression. If you don't have a problem with calling someone an "idiot" frequently, then ignore this review, lol. I let my son watch this show because we had watched the movie together, however.. the longer I let him watch it, the more I became bothered with the messages of the show.
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age 5+

its kind of good but there is also name calling and funny snoot is always so aggrive

its sort of good but also bad too

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