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This show annoys me except Jen Lindley. Dawson Leery is a tool that deserved to be punched in season 1. Joey Potter is a whiny teacher's pet who makes the world revolve around her including this show. She ruined this show. Pacey Witter goes from being funny to an unfunny jerk, especially to women except for Joey because this show mostly revolves around her. Jen Lindley is great until season 5 when writers dumbed her down to obsess over Joey. Abby Morgan was slaying the drama, but she ended up dying. Drue Valentine is a ripoff of Abby. Andie McPhee was great at showing how Pacey makes Joey more important in this show. Jack McPhee was kind of cute until he got annoying in season 5. Parents in this show don't have much development for focusing on younger adults. Audrey Liddell becomes another character that makes Pacey show Joey being more important in this show again. So, I like how Audrey calls everyone out in season 6 episode 10. Eddie Doling made me want to punch him in the face. Charlie Todd is only there to make Joey look better than Jen after womanizing. It's pretty disgusting. Even Dawson cares about Joey more than Jen. At this point, I feel sorry for Jen. She's treated like a broken sex object that makes Joey look more perfect for relationships. But I find Jen a lot more mature, nice, brave, and clever than Joey before season 5 ruined everything. The writers were more ruthless to Jen by making her die in this show's series finale episode. At least Jen went back to being great in the series finale episode. But her death happened before Joey gets a happy ending with Pacey and lives. You might as well call this show Joey's Creek. Jen was the only reason why I watched it. Not Joey. I find it funny that people say this show is mature. It's not except for the vocabulary maybe. It's about messed up people who give annoying Joey the spotlight while others get treated like afterthoughts.
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Love this show and think 12 and up is a perfect age to watch this show
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dawson,s creek review

reviwing Dawson 's creek help me see why my engagement did not work out I always liked Dawson and i always wondered y i did not find that love in my teens all guys were immature and I feel maybe the actor and me will meet since he can fit in a charactor that appreciates this deep love he shares in his relationship than I started like disappearing and becoming alive between the couple and I relaized that my love was not deep enough with my fiancee and i needed to reviw the show it was not enough just to appreciate the show but to be actually feel what is Inside and between the dialogues I like when Dawson stops what he says and then says hi and his gf just follows stops and says hi back i feel that i like that flow - best romatic tv show cz my heart is htere and rated #1
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Dawson's Creek is one of a kind

This is an amazing show for kids and adults who never fit in, for those of us whose like and concerns varied and perhaps set us apart from the stereotypes we wonder if we wouldn't have been more comfortable and well-accepted to emulate. The show can laugh at itself, often lampooning the idea of an angst driven, post-modern Bleak House, or Our Town set to top-40 pop. This is an important fact to remember when you consider the choices of the characters, which really represent the choices of the writers, and of creator Kevin Williamson, who really tried to fuse recognizable late-90s Americana with a pre-911/pre-speculative bubble hopefulness and progressive hope. I loved this show, for years. It's sad to say, but for the inner James Taylors in all of us, who find ourselves facing "lonely times, when we (sic) could not find a friend," the Capeside crew provides a slightly sad but satisfying fake friendship presence for those days when we pretend to stay home sick, just to look out of the window and wonder about life. I must recommend one not watch too many episodes in a row, as it can be like watching a magicians trick over and over, the worst could happen and the underlying formula could get revealed. It is a superior teen show, but I prefer to think of it as a unique look at a family of people we all wish we knew, or perhaps wish we, therefore, literature at its cultural best. - A fan

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