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Deal or No Deal

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age 8+

A luck based game show that my children can watch together

Deal or No Deal is really entertaining. The basic concept of the show is that one contestant selects a case, and this case can have any amount of money in it, ranging from 1¢ to $1,000,000. Then the player gets to see what’s inside the remaining 25 cases. After seeing inside so many cases, a man, called the banker, will call. He will offer the player a specific amount of money. The game continues until a player either makes a deal with the banker, and wins the offer given by the banker, or the player could never make a deal with the banker, thus ending the game by seeing the amount of money in the players case.
age 9+

for ages 9 and up

this show is awsome. but i wouldent let any kid under the age of 9 see it because of what the girls in show are wearing and because if there younger than 9 chances are there not going to like or understand the show that well.