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age 10+

great series for kids who want to be cameramen

so, dealer is a series on netflix that for some reason is rated 16 for violence ( WTF! ) and drugs. so they sometimes talk about drugs and once, franck actually smokes weed. dealer is about franck and thomas that will film a music video for tony who is a rapper and a drug dealer. so most of the colored guys are drug dealers and most of the not colored guys dont deal the drugs. so heres everything that is spoilers. WAIT! i will mark this ''' when the spoilers are gone so here are the spoilers: thomas is shot and killed. moussa gets shot and survives. moussa kills steve. steve abuses kylian. ''' very tame for a 16 rated show. i recommend it for 10 and up since you understand the serious elements then. overall franck and thomas jobs are very cool.

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Great role models
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking