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So-so fantasy-themed anime import has very scary villains.
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Teen, 16 years old Written bymkalv September 2, 2011

Good adventure anime

I read and enjoyed the book series, so when I heard that The Hub would air the anime version, I was excited. This show has a slow start, but when it gets going, it gets better. I liked the maturity of the show; for an anime aimed at kids, there wasn't really much comic relief, which gabe this series a sense of more realism. The animation is nice to look at, the fights (when they happen) are usually well done, although at least one episode had some blood. The dub is surprisingly good for a kid anime. If you are a fan of adventure/fantasy anime, check this one out, because it is one fo the best.

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Kid, 12 years old July 23, 2011


When i heard that Emily Rodda's Deltora Quest was being made into a television show i was over the moon because i had absolutely fallen in love with the books. I watched the first episode and was highly outraged, shocked and disappionted. How could they make it so that it was boring, false and not at all like the books. I recommend the books either if you hated the show or loved it.
P.S I really doubt that anyone in the right mind would have loved it.
Kid, 12 years old April 24, 2011

Anime fans hate it, little kids also... What's not to love?

Well, folks, here it is. My review on Deltora Quest, the anime that America has sadly destroyed. Premiering on the Hulu network, I was expecting excellence. The storyline was decent, the creatures were epic, the characters had clear motives... And everything they said was off. The episodes were drawn out, the characters were sometimes so right vs wrong that they became 2 dimensional. Characters were also very predictable. What main other reasons could one have for disliking it as an anime. Now, even for little kids, no. It does not offer enough child material for young viewers, but also not enough for older viewers! A sheer disappointed.
Teen, 13 years old Written byBazzar April 10, 2018


One of the best anime's I have ever watched. Would definitely recommend
Teen, 13 years old Written byDarky'sReviews June 17, 2014

Your typical Y7 kids anime- nothing special

My younger sister (age 10) has been having this craze over this show for quite some time now, mostly due to the fact that her class has been reading the books as part of the term assessment and watching the show from time to time. She made the entire family watch it recently on an 8 hour car trip and it didn't bat anyone's eyes. As much as I like Emily Rodda, this anime is nothing more than a Pokémon cardboard cutout (minus the Pokémon) following a determined young amateur named Lief set out on a journey to conquer the Shadow Lord with father figure Barda and feisty animal loving Jasmine. Of course, having Fantasy Action as it's genre, it has it's fair share of peril, mild battle violence and creepy looking foes (Taegan and the Final boss are as disturbing as it gets) I always feel every time I watch this show that it tries so hard to replicate the awesomeness of 90's Pokemon with the anime style and characters but it just falls flat with it's dull voice acting, boring script and dragged out plot. It's not the worst, your kids might get a kick out of it for a while but in the end, it's pretty forgettable.
On for 10+
Iffy for 5-9
Not for 4 and under
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Kid, 9 years old February 12, 2011

One of the best shows ever!!

I love this series! I want to get all the books! Awesome! Trying to find the rest of the episodes not in English.
Kid, 11 years old January 8, 2011

Terrible and boring

Terrible show, nothing like the amazing books.

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Kid, 12 years old December 27, 2010

... A bit dissappointed! Rodda should be too!

I was, at first, dissapointed that they hadn't made the book series into episodes with REAL PEOPLE but I got over that. The series on tv is pretty much explainitary so you don't have to read the books by Emily Rodda but I HIGHLY reccomend it.

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Violence & scariness
Positive Messages
Positive role models