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age 15+

Hilarious, light-hearted fun! I sure needed this in 2020!

This has a weird opening, but give it at least two episodes. It is mindless fun and easy to watch. It's not for the angsty at heart. This is great for unwinding after a long day of working and parenting and trying to survive 2020? I need to relax and laugh and this show gets the job done in spades! the adults are all unique and strong personalities whose job it is to entertain and they do a great job of it!!! Allison and Jay have a solid relationship with everyday struggles because of and despite their wealth. They enjoy flirting through witty banter and sarcasm which is great. The kids are really funny and I imagine the boy Dylan is in time out most of his days. This is a must watch you can binge in one-two days because 6 short episodes. There is some language and adult topics/innuendo, so I do not recommend for kids even though there are children in other scenes of the show. Put the kids to bed and enjoy!!

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Great messages
Too much swearing
age 18+

Unnecessary Language

This is Rated TV-14 and in the first episode F***K was said 2 times before I turned it off. Why not bleep it out? Very disappointing for what I expected to be a show my family could watch

This title has:

Too much swearing
age 12+

Rich People Problems

I watched 1 1/4 episodes and wish I hadn't wasted my time. I felt sorry for Jay, because his wife doesn't seem to be that invested in their relationship. His kids were a bit rude the way they talked to their parents, especially his son, Dylan. There definitely seems to be underlying issues here, and humor is used to cover it all up. My 22 year old son saw a couple of minutes of it, and said, "Oh wow, rich people problems. Why are you watching this?" I have to agree that he was correct, and I stopped to write this review. Moving on to watch something worthy of my free time.

This title has:

Too much consumerism