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Monster hunts seem more fun to film than watch.
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Adult Written byPaula T. February 2, 2018

Common question

Why do they always do their EVP or questioning in English? They have translators with them. What ghost/being is American speaking? Even a three year old can figure that out. At least try the native language, it’s just polite to the country.
Adult Written byoarpm October 10, 2011

A big joke, but good to sleep.

With no pun intended; most of the shows are a joke. Very little information is provided, just a compilation of semi-intense footage and audio that is edited in a way to create tension and arouse our primordial fears. I am surprised this show has more than a single season.

Adding on to this is the fact the "team" spends just one night at each location. Where is the consistency in this data? ... after a whole night we flew back into LA... when did this ever become serious?

The presenter's attitude towards foreign culture is oftentimes satirical, which in itself makes the show feel fictitious. Having traveled the world (assuming he actually has) you would expect a more serious attitude towards what in most cases are real concerns to populations completely un-aware of what they are being portrayed as.

I had to see several episodes to be sure that the host is a completely un-reliable source of information (and an insult to american tourists travelling worldwide), and furthermore he has complete lack of sympathy and compassion for those not blessed for a higher education. It is a complete mockery of foreign culture and beliefs and of it's people thereof.

What could of been an excellent program was unfortunately diluted into one more cheeky, teeny, bs documentary style based show which offers little to no (# 0 [zero]) information regarding the actual facts surrounding the investigations.

Basically "all scary things are a thing of the past and have a reasonable scientific explanation" according to this show. Im hard pressed to believe that any of these people have actually felt fear for their lives at any given point during filming (except for the camera-man that fell down a hill).

Overall a good show once, maybe twice. Expecting it to be better as the episodes pass is truly an unrewarding experience as it only goes to prove we are bigger sissys that we ever expected. Scared of things that dont exist (according to the progam).

Truly truly unsatisfying.
Parent of a 14, 16, and 17-year-old Written byKatrina39 May 2, 2011
I love the show. there is one thing. We were watching the werewolf and the one when they were in chili. we saw something in the background.

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Adult Written byrealisticRon April 12, 2011

typical sci fi show- full of crap

Im fairly certain my IQ dropped significantly after watching this show.. It highlights the use of expensive technologies that are wasted on finding monsters that clearly don't exist.

The episode I watched consisted of them looking for an underwater monster creature. During the daytime they dive and can't find anything. That night, they go to a different location, dive in the complete darkness where the camera's see virtually nothing, and yell things like "OH MY GOSH, I GIANT FISH JUST PASSED BY ME!!" This would be be kind of cool if the camera caught any of the "giant fish," but clearly not. You would think after such a breakthrough they would check out the same area during the day time when you can see.....anything. But the show ends there, as a 'mystery'

If you want to watch a bunch of grown men scream like girls while throwing expensive night vision cameras at nothing, then this show is for you. But if you value any actual investigations that use things like the scientific method and common sense, I highly recommend anything on the Discovery Channel.

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Parent Written byPlague January 8, 2010

Destination Truth

Not a bad show, but could use a bit more work.
Adult Written byshysaway April 9, 2008

Can scare the little ones

I love shows like this and this guy does a really good job at what he does, but there are certain things on there that could little kids but older ones should not have a problem unless if they scare easy.