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Card-game-based anime has too many fierce battles.
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Adult Written byPolly T. January 17, 2017

Not for Kids

If you want to understand why kids are so mouthy or snotty, just listen to the tone and lines spoken in some "kids shows" like Dinosaur King. Constant berating and rude remarks between the characters dialogue, along with poor "plot" and grating sound of whiny professor's voice negatively affected my own mood - just from hearing it playing in the background for a short time.
Adult Written byclairek March 6, 2016


I have no problem with this show EXCEPT that in some episodes, the women (by their clothing) are depicted almost pornographically. I understand that the anime genre does this a lot, but there's no excuse to do it in a kids' show. I cannot allow my children to watch it anymore. Young minds seeing women's bodies like that will be corrupted.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byFacksonJjell October 4, 2019

Legitimately one of the best shows from my childhood

I'm 18, and watched this show my whole childhood, played the video game, and the card game. The dinosaur battles, the humor, and the artwork is all something that any 7-12 year old will love in a show.

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Adult Written byZeroDaHeroh December 30, 2018

It's fairly good, I don't understand such low ratings. Many of the voice actors are easily recognizable, Max being one of three main protagonist is voiced by Veronica Taylor, who also voiced Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon Series. The 3 protagonists each have their own personality and seem fitting to how you would expect kids to act at that age. The "Alpha Gang" ironically also is voiced by 2 of the main antagonists from Team Rocket from Pokemon, Jessie(Rachael Lillis) and James(Eric Stuart). I understand there is a game as well behind the series but the show in no way promotes it or encourages people to buy them. The character designs all seem fitting which I have seen others mention that one of them is to revealing which is preposterous.
Adult Written byJenkins2 September 23, 2018

Half-baked and nonsensical

Generic, low-quality anime with very little substance. My children will never care about it or even remember it when I turn it off in a minute.
Parent of a 16-year-old Written bykristianjl May 17, 2010

Mostly a Missed Opportunity

Its not just that Dinosaur King is a tv commercial for a Sega video game... its not just that the producers regurgitate Pokemon and its shallow characters - its that they take naturally terrifying and awesome dinosaurs - which kids love without reservation just as they are - and give them superpowers. My 4 year old neighbor insists that T-Rex does not breathe fire. "They're called dragons", he said! Dinosaur King's claim to any educational value is pathetic compared to what could have been done. Most of all this is a tremendous missed opportunity for what might have been!

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Adult Written bycookie123 January 19, 2009