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Doodlebops Rockin' Road Show

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If you want your brain to want to gorge your eyes out, I highly recommend Doodlebops!

While this show does attempt to teach life lessons, they fail miserably. On multiple occasions one of the characters, Moe, pretends he does things that he didn’t. The show is extremely stereotypical and just down right obnoxious. I could go on a paragraph rant about how annoying this Doodlebops is, and you know what I think I will. The voice actors have the most squeaky voices and the songs could have been written better by a five year old. Not to mention Moe looks like a Ronald McDonald that went on a drug spree, got fired, and then joined an ear splitting band. Ron or something looks like a piece of broccoli who fell into a can of blue paint. In all honesty he looks like the shady alcoholic ice cream truck driver in the back of the neighbourhood. Deedee (*cough* deez nuts *cough*) fits perfectly into the world vision of women, pink, weak, and high voiced just out of ‘My Little Pony Equestria Girls’. In my opinion they all look high of their minds. And I think all of my brain cells would be lost if I had to listen to their songs. While they try to inspire kids to do the right thing it really just makes me mad. Not to mention the live action version of it looking like a group of drug addicts found a box of acrylic paint. As you can see I am a grown, mature adult who is over the age of 18. No one was harmed (except for our ear drums rest in peace) in the making of this paragraph. Oh and before you ask, no, I don’t have anything better to do. With all that in mind, do you really want to expose your kids to this? I mean, i know therapists can handle a lot, but no therapist wants to hear of this. Yes, the show does teach good lessons, but so does every other kids show. And there are so many not annoying kids shows. I mean, some have dogs. Wouldn’t you rather watch dogs than this? I know it’s a show for kids, but any parents who have to sit through this surely will have nightmares of pastel-coloured rock bands abducting kids in a whirlwind of cheesy, cringe worthy music. Honestly, it’s quite cheesy. One episode was literally named ‘icky ewwwy.’ Cant you think of anything better than that? At least the characters seem happy. Given all that they do, it’s a good thing that they’re happy. So yeah, spare your kid this and spare yourself the trauma. Peace out.
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