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age 15+
It's okay, honestly. Dracula himself has all of the characteristic ruthlessness, though the American industrialist that he plays dumbs him down in many respects. The manipulation of Renfield's character from the novel is clever and something I enjoyed - as it serves to endear Dracula to the viewer - though the portrayal of both Lucy and Jayne's sexualities can be damaging in unexpected ways. They are both revealed to be bisexual women, and while that's fantastic, they are both developed into promiscuous seductresses, a harmful and omnipresent stereotype of bisexual men and women. Mina is one of the only respectable characters, as she stands up for herself and advocates for women in the health profession. I enjoyed Dracula and would watch it again, but if you're not invested in the story or the acting, you're not going to be there for long. It's worth noting that the man who played Dracula was likely denied a second season due to his severe alcoholism and public use of racial slurs.

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