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DollarTree Berserk

Occasional moderate gore, not much more violent then the game but way more sexual. Despite the ultra serious and preachy tone this anime (like many others) has a fixation on huge bouncy (bare) breasts. Even during an attempted rape the camera ogles the victim's heaving (bare) bosom and the same person bares them to her rescuer (they burst out of her top in a borderline comical matter). Another episode features several nude prostitutes (breasts and butts visible). One is being sexed from behind while her boobs are cupped by her lover. A couple of episodes involve graphic sex with a succubus (full front and back female nudity) one scene is brief with doggy style sex and another is a lengthy sequence with missionary thrusting and passionate foreplay (cunnilingus, sucking on breasts) that ends with her turning into a monster and being strangled. One episode centers on opium addiction. Otherwise the show is just dull and pretentious. Hollow characters, little emotion other tham dreary brooding, lack of any levity, trite psuedo-philosophical musings on morailty and little action despite the high octane source material. At least the animation was better than expected (especially on those breast physics).

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Too much sex