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Interesting survivalist contest showcases skills, respect.
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Written byAnonymous February 6, 2014


dude ur screwed is like ALLLL the other so called reality shows STAGED/SET UP.
oh the camera man is a seal too=? and they know where they are=they have to fly on a plane=tickets! heli only fly a few hundred miles. and they NEVER hide something its allowed!=ALLL STAGED.
Adult Written byANAYNAYMUS May 22, 2020

Review thing

perdy good buttots fake but cool Matt is cool

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Adult Written byIam Bex January 16, 2015

I loved the show until the Dracula Episode

Dude You're screwed is a fun show to watch if you keep in mind that is all staged. The survival tips are very valuable and the show is entertaining. But to go in with the belief that any of this is actually real then that's another story. The Romania/Dracula episode is the one that really dropped the curtain for me as a viewer. As the featured Dude approached the dark and sinister castle through the "Dense Wilderness" with no sign of civilization before is complete and utter bullflop. If you watch again you will notice that all the shots of the castle are very know why? Because it sits in the middle of a town. Check it out on Google Earth. So now when I watch the show and Google Earth is my companion you can see how truly full of crap the actual wilderness part is. Anyhow, it's entertaining and I like the banter among the dudes but if you go in thinking that there is any real element of danger and isolation...Think again. And yes every dude on the show does know exactly what continent and country they are in you can't black bag someone across international borders. Sorry folks.
Parent Written byphilippec November 20, 2014

Great program

HAs lots of great survival tricks, though with some humor that is a little off the cuff, the main guys are all worthy of being role models

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