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It's really good but racist go trump 2020
age 15+

Excellent show for teens, entertaining for adults as well

There are a lot of adult themes in this show. However, high schoolers face these issues every day. The producers have done an amazing job of showing teens learning from their mistakes and (eventually) making responsible choices. They also promote safe sex, and educate kids on how to deal with the many challenges our kids can face. I’ll be recommending this to my 16 year old, but I’ll watch it with her. Excellent conversation starters in here!

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Great messages
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East los high

I absolutely love East Los High. I can't wait for next season. So many life lessons. I really wish our schools would also teach life skills so we don't land up in these situations

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Too much sex
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Great show

Amazing talent and life lessons

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Great messages
Great role models
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East Los High on Hulu

East Los High is an amazing show. I have watched seasons 1,2, and 2 episodes of season 3. I love the show but I have one complaint and that's it. Hulu has allowed viewers to watch seasons 1,2,and 2 episodes of season 3 for free. After that one viewer must have a subscription of $7.99 per month to watch the rest of the season. That is bull crap because I have gotten really into the show and now I can no longer watch it for free. And if they were going to require a subscription for the rest of the season they shouldn't have even et viewers watch the first 2 episodes of season3. That is my one complaint and I hope that they are going to allow the rest of the season and show to be free once again.