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Oh my here comes another attempt by CBS to try and steal some Blue Bloods thunder. As a retired NYPD Detective I'm a real stickler for details when it comes to cop shows. So as you might imagine when I saw the previews for the upcoming CBS police procedural EAST NEW YORK bells and whistles went off and left me with a bad impression before it even debuted. The show brings back a gray-haired Jimmy Smits as two-star Assistant Chief Suarez. Watching the official trailer Assistant Chief Suarez (Smits) is shown in uniform at a double homicide wearing 2 SILVER stars on his shoulders and on his collar. First off, all 1, 2, 3 and 4 star Chief ranks in the NYPD use gold stars not silver. Silver stars are military issue not NYPD issue. Second, and probably the main reason why I won't be watching is Smits character is shown wearing a 4 star Chief of Department shield instead of a 2-star Assistant Chief shield. Why would they pay so little attention to detail? They couldn't find a 2-star Assistant Chief shield anywhere? This is what you get when you don't have an ace Police Technical Advisor on staff such as Blue Bloods Detective Jimmy Nuciforo. You can bet the rent Nuciforo would have prevented that obvious gaff from making the final cut. Yeah, I know to many it may seem petty, but in my opinion fresh out the box your show can't make such obvious mistakes like that. Skimp on the little stuff in your pilot you'll be skimping on big stuff down the road. Shame on Executive Producers Andrew Maher, Christine Holder, Mark Holder, Michael Robin, Mike Flynn and William Finkelstein for going cheap and not having an NYPD Technical Advisor on staff. Shame also on Jimmy Smits who is a veteran of police procedurals and should have never agreed to wear a 4-star Chief of Department shield when his role is that of a 2-star Assistant Chief.