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Hmm.. a little much for 14/15 year olds

The premise of this show is great. It’s captivating and is full of twists and turns. The plot develops well and the main characters are okay. The rating for this is not appropriate. There is no mention of sexual content in the rating warning that pops up. There are intensely suggestive sexual scenes, including seductive looks, seductive touching, and even a scene including oddly positioned sex while the bed underneath them becomes engulfed in flames. This is something I would not approve my child to watch. In addition to consistent sexual content there is frequent drug use. There is quite a bit of scary thriller content From violence to psychological that you may find your 14 year old is too young for. I understand some children are more mature but there is no reason to expose them to such content and fast track their childhood. For young adults and adults alike this was a decent show to watch. If you despise the unneeded and unnecessary sexual themes most shows and movies incorporate in production nowadays this is not for you. If you are able to see past, then you will probably enjoy this.

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Great messages
Too much sex
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age 14+

Seems Very Good

I really like this show so far. It's different from most of the network TV dramas that have been done and re-done under different titles a million times. The acting is very good and the plot is interesting and fresh. I would not recommend for children under 14 because some parts of it are quite scary. That being said, I really enjoy paranormal, scary shows, but I despise blood and gore. I think a show can be psychologically scary without having to contain blood and gore to get it's point across. I really think they could have cut down (or out) the bloody scenes in the Pilot (even though they were quick) and still had the same scary effectiveness. There is already too much blood and violence on TV and in movies these days. You don't have to have a lot of blood for a show to be good. Keep it smart, suspenseful and psychologically scary and you will have a great show that will hopefully be around for a while. If we start seeing more blood and gore every week I, for one, will not be watching anymore just as I have stopped watching other really good shows for the same reason (Criminal Minds comes to mind.) Not everyone enjoys that kind of thing - despite what TV and movie producers seem to think.

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Great role models
Too much violence