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age 11+

This show is underated, and not aimed at adults!!!

This show is perfect for 11+ year olds in middle school I mean *chefs kiss*. Why? Because the main characters are so much like your average middle schooler trying to be cool and get noticed by people and they try so much that they end up thinking that they always have to know the next trend of shoe or shirt or video game or YouTube vid. So I think Fairfax is a great show for kids 11+ be cause there at the age that they can die laughing at this shows humor because its exactly what they act like everyday. Also this show isn't really for adults because they most likely won't understand what the heck is going on. Except when the character s in Fairfax swear which we all know if your kid is in middle school he's definitely heard every swear word out there so its fine.Over all This is a near masterpiece of a show obviously aimed at teens and teens in Gen Z.

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Too much swearing
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