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Heartwarming but uneven sitcom about family relationships.
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Adult Written byCherna10 September 21, 2019

Great family show

We really love this show and can’t wait for more episodes. It’s cute, wholesome and entertaining. We love family shows like this.

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Adult Written byStho2263 August 9, 2019

I think this is a good show!

My 8 year old son started watching and he really enjoys it. Now Season 1 is constantly on re-run.

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Adult Written bydoctormahabir July 28, 2019

Old School Style, New School Values

Family Reunion reminds me of the sitcoms I fondly remember watching with my own family on late school nights. It took an episode or two for it all to hold its footing, but I thoroughly enjoyed viewing the entire season.

What I most enjoy about this show is the tasteful examination of important and relevant topics that inspire informed conversation with your children about real world issues. The show effectively demonstrates how to respectfully tackle complex themes while retaining the charming integrity of a family sitcom.

In a time where children are becoming more familiar with challenging social realities from a younger age, Family Reunion introduces the multiple perspectives of the black identity in a way that is familiar to all cultures without detracting from the uniqueness of the African-American diaspora.

Highly recommended for enriching family TV time and good laughs together.

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Adult Written byCMS81 July 25, 2019

Good family fun

This is a good show about the current generation learning a few things from their parents but the older generation realizing maybe they didn't get things right either. The spanking scene referenced in the original review is actually the Grandma realizing there are other ways to discipline than the old "spare the rod, spoil the child". It is a lot of fun watching a multi generational household learn from each other.

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Adult Written byLexAnima July 20, 2019

Well, really — how do you get to 10+ on this one?

The use of the word “butt” — ? A granny who threatens to use a belt — ? I mean, have you SEEN Captain Underpants and the bullying in those series and what about the endless glorification of the violence in the superhero movies? But we can’t talk about how many of us were raised with the spectre of capital punishment over our heads?

As a mom of African-american children STARVED in popular culture for any references to civil rights history and modern race relationships — this program is a treasure.

How about we get some diversity in these reviews, Common Sense Media. Jeez.
Adult Written byrayland82 August 31, 2019


Watched a few episodes with my daughter and while it's not terrible, it is a kid show. A KID'S SHOW. Forget the politics, the show doesn't need it and kids don't need to be indoctrinated with bias. I've read national reviews about how the show doesn't push the "social justice" norms far enough. Within 2 episodes, I noticed they are trying to justify immodest dress for teens and also showed white cops rolling up with pistols drawn on a couple of 10 year old kids....really? If I wanted my kids to hate cops, dress immodestly, and believe that there is no place for corporal punishment we could just watch CNN. If the point is to start discussions with young people, don't do it using absurd situations. Otherwise this show is just continuing to divide the country. Hard pass on this one.
Adult Written byParental August 29, 2019

The belt??

I already thought the show was not high-quality - kind of lame writing and acting - but especially questionable for young kids, with storylines about matchmaking, etc. Maybe ok for tweens/teens. Then in the final scene of the episode we just saw, the grandmother enters the little boy’s bedroom with a belt wrapped in half, clearly about to deliver a spanking w the belt. I thought there would be some joke made out of it, but the last shot is the kid throwing himself up against the window, screaming help, and the scene ends. It’s meant to be funny??? It’s horrifying. There are a million jokes to make, a million ways to depict intergenerational family relationships, and these writers choose to have the grandmother beat the boy with a belt? Unbelievable. Especially when depicting an African-American family?? Why?? Why would they choose to associate abusive discipline with this family. You would never see this scene on a show depicting a white family. This was obviously the tipping point for me and the show is now banned in our house.
Adult Written byPaul d. August 22, 2019

Jesus can't be compared with other historical figures

In Episode 4 a range of different faiths is listed as comparable to (and perhaps even pre-dating) Christianity.

Otherwise it reminds me so much of the Cosby show.
Adult Written byBobbertsl August 9, 2020

Not family values

Child punished with Belt!! Absolutely inappropriate in 2020! Under the guise of “Christian values” drinking, inappropriate sexual discussions, no job but buying Nordstrom plot lines. Not for my kids!
Parent of a 8, 9, and 9-year-old Written bynachshon1 May 26, 2020

Great! and lifelike

Family Reunion Is good because it has themes that apply in real life. It also teaches a little bit about African-American culture and racism. It is also very funny even though there are some bad words.

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Adult Written bymamawatch February 6, 2020

Good for family viewing

I enjoy watching this with my 10yr old. I believe in watching with her so when they do touch on different subjects we discuss, or I ask if she understands. It is also silly, funny, and a family sitcom. Mostly light entertainment but with a message. Watching episode 1 when the parents crash a teenage party and dance still makes me laugh.
Adult Written byAnas Sughayer February 1, 2020

Great show

Nice family show for a family night

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Adult Written byhwatts400 October 6, 2019

Did enjoy until it discredited Jesus

Was a cute show with some " innocent" humor about church until episode 4. Turned it off and won't watch it again. Satan is a sneaky devil. Trying to confuse people. Jesus is the only way and stick to ths bible so he can't lead you astray.
Adult Written byMWilson50 July 23, 2019

Not since the Cosby show

Not sense the Cosby show has there been an all black production and cast with family values. Shows like My wife and kids are great, but push the envelope further than the Cosby show did. Family Reunion keeps the values of traditional families while also staying relevant. There is no swearing or inappropriate content other than the husband and wife making passes at each other from time to time. The only concern is the frequent usage of alcohol. Almost every episode contains drinking in some form and it seems to be an underlying part of their southern tradition along with church. There is also a little funny boy named Elvis who makes me fall off my chair because is his voice. Richard Roundtree makes a frequent appearance as a grandpa and minister; it’s weird seeing Shaft playing such a holy part, but he’s matured well in his golden years. Also, the Mowry sisters continue to show their talent after being child stars with Tia Mowry. Also, Loretta Devine’s voice continues to make me laugh after all these years. Great job with the production of the show and finding a cameo for Jaleel White in an episode. For a modern sitcom, the show lives up to the standard. My only wish is that they would choose a bigger studio -the set is rather small and redundant, so I hope they expand and can return for a second season after their debut year.

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