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Finding Bigfoot

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age 18+

Im gonna play it

Dont Let your childeren under the 8 play this is the more blood

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Too much violence
age 10+

real folks

The folks in the show are real people. No pretense, and will talk to just about anyone not monopolizing their time. The organization has a sighting database with over 10,000 witness reports. I'd say there is a greater chance of meeting a sasquatch in the woods than winning a lottery. Good show for 10+ years old. Steve

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Great messages
age 8+

Awful show.... Reality shows need to stay out of the realm of viable research that many truly devote their lives to.

Possibly entertaining but not realisitic... Very scripted and similar to the many reality shows supposedly searching for ghosts and other paranormal. Stick to the history channel documentaries and pass this garbage by...