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Educator and Parent Written byCommonSenseChristian June 30, 2015

A Surprisingly Clean "Guilty Pleasure"

I started watching this because there was nothing else on at the time, but was surprisingly pleased with what I saw overall. This being a reality show that turns marriage ceremonies into a competition, you'd expect to see a lot of backbiting, swearing, and nastiness. The truth is, these brides are mostly nice women. They'll tell the camera when they don't like something, but are generally mature about it. Occasionally, you will have a legitimately harsh bride. One episode featured a bride who seemed to hate everything about everyone else's weddings and was overly harsh in her criticism. Another featured a bride who complained constantly and seemed to focus on negatives so she could "legitimately" low-score other brides out of the honeymoon prize without blatantly rigging the rating system. The big issue here is consumerism, which is why I rated the show appropriate for teens only. The narrator tells us exactly how much each bride is spending, and there is speculation among fans that the bride who wins is always the one who spends the most money. (That's not true, but it can happen). One bride even wore million-dollar diamonds to her wedding and hired bodyguards to look after them. This show is a fun romp for mothers and daughters (guys probably won't be interested). It's also fun to root for your favorite bride. But, be sure you have positive discussions with your teens about the consumerism and negative attitudes you may see.
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