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A show before it's time

Unfrountely cut short, likely due to the internet and computers, at the time, being a niche idea, the show itself captures the feel and attitude of the internet in the internet incarnate, Freakazoid. The feel and attitude of the modern era internet, that is, without resorting to nothing but memes and references, though both of that era are there, somewhat. What references and ancient memes that do pop up are carefully placed and well-made, though sometimes excessive amounts can be a turnoff, such as a episode where some jokes were merely making current celebrities appear without doing anything with them. A for-warning, the show, while carefully placing these references, they are to the current time, and a few have fallen out of the public eye, despite many of the even once obscure coming into full light and attention due to the resurgence of interest in the retro among most frequenters of the web. So, you might find yourself wondering ,and the kids will too, "What was that about?" with no real laugh to be had. Thankfully, another joke or reference will hit perfectly and you'll be back to enjoying the experience. Defiantly recommended for the kids and adults alike, though it's best served to the internet-experienced, given how it really makes the character all the more lovable as an expression of the SFW side of the web. If your kids ask you what a codebook is, please tell them. It's just waiting to end up being a interesting tale of ancient tech.

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This cartoon is perfect for all ages! It is really funny and it will put a big happy smile on your face!