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One of the best cartoons ever!

You know you're in for a ride when not one, not two, but FOUR cartoons are made by Steven Speilberg: this is one of them. The humor is fantastic! I found myself laughing my butt off from some of the jokes in this cartoon, such as the Disneyland joke (which copyright would prevent nowadays). The villians are deviously creative! Let's see, there's a villian with a brain for a head (The Lobe), there's a Beetlejuice-style character that has been turned into a meme and likes eating pumpkin pie and watching F Troop (Candlejack), a woman who can shapeshift into anything she wants and has a deadpan voice (Deadpan) (HI DEADPAN!), and lots more! Oh, and it does CUTAWAYS CORRECTLY! It effectively transitions in and out of cutaways, unlike Family Guy. For example, one joke in the main plot is made, THEN a cutaway happens. Family Guy just says, "This reminds me of (insert horrible joke here)" and then the cutaway. Also, it uses stock footage correctly, as well. Shows like Breadwinners does it because Nick is too lazy to actually animate anything, while Freakazoid did it for humor. AND IT WAS FUNNY! However, despite all of this, shows like Dora and post-Season 4 of Spongebob has made kids stupider than Ed from Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, so they would probably just ignore it because "idz nawt singboov" and just play Call of Duty. But seriously, the parents and tweens/teens would probably like it more than the little kiddies (SERIOUSLY, I ONCE RAN INTO KIDS WHO THOUGHT POKEMON WAS BAD BECAUSE IT WAS FROM THE '90S!). Overall, SHUT UP AND GIVE STEVEN SPEILBERG YOUR MONEY! Watch this at all costs! It's on DVD and on Amazon Instant Video (sadly not on Prime, even though Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain are), so go watch it!