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Gabby Duran & the Unsittables

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age 6+

Great for kids AND adults!

I love this show and I'm 24! It's so fun for the kids with hidden jokes that are hidden for adults to be interested and not get bored. Such a great show! I wish there were more than only 2 seasons though. Such fun graphics and great producing!
age 10+

This show is so bad!

The younger sister is the worst actress and couldn't be less believable, especially as Gabby's sister. She's really strange, irritating and makes the show unwatchable, not that it's got much going for it otherwise. When I think of all the truly talented kids who probably auditioned, and they still went with HER! The 3 of them together couldn't be less convincing as a family. The principal is terrible too. Don't waste your time! Plenty of other good Disney shows out there.
age 4+

I love this show!

I've always liked sci-fi alien or time travel shows. This is one of my new favorites. I'm excited for season two and looking forward to see them expanding the story.

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age 11+

Used to love it but....

My family used to love the show and as parents, we felt comfortable with the content for a 7 and 8 year old. However, the show is started to push limits. One episode depicted Santa Clause as having evil red eyes looking through a window. Why Santa!? He is a symbol of childhood and is a Saint by the way. It disturbed my children. I wish Disney did more to protect and encourage innocence like in the old days.
age 12+

An actually tolerable Disney Channel Show

I quite enjoy this show and think it's fun. I think the character of Principal Swift is the best character on this show. He reminds me of Matt Smith's portrayal of The Doctor in Doctor Who, mixed with Dick Solomon from 3rd Rock from the Sun. And no laugh track, thank goodness! Because this show is actually funny! Most of the actors are pretty tolerable, especially for a Disney show. It's pretty harmless.

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