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Adult Written bybutteruppp April 9, 2008
AGENot rated for age

one of the best animated cartoons that disney had

Adult Written bysakuuya October 23, 2009

Character-Driven Disney Cartoon? What?

What a fantastic show. Don't be fooled by its Disney origins; Gargoyles is not a show for young children. The closest possible comparison would be to "Batman: The Animated Series," which shares Gargoyles' dark, serious tone and respect for its audience. Also like BTAS, the Gargoyles universe operates on a slightly grayer morality scale than most children's programming. The heroes always do the right thing in the end, but almost all of the villains are portrayed sympathetically, as flawed people rather than absolute evil. In fact, several of the villains care more about defeating each other than defeating the heroes, giving them yet more dimension. The show is full of mythological and literary references, and it doesn't go out of its way to explain every reference, expecting that people will be able to follow along. The voice acting is also excellent, and fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation will be especially thrilled, as a good chunks of the VAs are alumni of that show. All in all, this is unarguably one of the finest television series Disney has ever produced, and a refreshing antidote to shows that rely on bathroom humor and pop culture references to hold kids' attention.
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Too much violence
Educational value
Adult Written byFreedomFromCens... August 14, 2009

My absolute favorite TV show, and one of Disney's best shows ever. This was before Disney channel turned into garbage.

This was probably Disney's most entertaining and edgy show they ever produced, and yet it has some of the best character development and storyline that I've seen in my entire life. Disney makes plenty of references to their older movies (The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, etc..) in this, which I found very funny and entertaining as well. You'll also find very familiar voices in here that you might hear in places like Spongebob and other cartoons (the actor that plays as Patrick also voices as one of the main gargoyles). Battles, usually with guns or explosives or futuristic weaponry, happen in just about every episode. Very little blood, and only in a few episodes (one of the Gargoyles grabs a sword, and blood trickles down his hand for a moment). Romance is a big theme in the show, but it's one of the things that makes it so much better. This was the good stuff before Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, and God-knows-what else talentless-cash-milking scams Disney filled their channel with after the 1990's. The characters developed amazingly well, and they made actually care about what was going to happen to them in future episodes (I in particular fell in love with the red skinned and white-haired Brooklyn, who was always trying his best to win over a female, and saved quite a few, but yet, they would all end up already with someone else, and poor Brooky was left in misery, but always determined). All in all, this is a show you don't want to miss out if you have a kid about 10 or so and older.
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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models