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Parent Written bylehi007 July 17, 2011

Your child's teacher recommends, "Just Say NO!"

I am a teacher with twenty years experience working with children and I have to say that I am appalled at these reviews. THIS is what you have your kids watch in their spare time? SERIOUSLY? This is absolute over the top garbage. OMG go read a book, ride your bike, get a hobby. This is cotton candy for the brain. There has GOT to be something better for your children to watch on T.V. Let's parent up and help our kids make better choices. The fact that so many seem to like this silly show makes me a little sad.
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Too much swearing
Parent Written byPlague December 4, 2009

Ghost Adventures

Love this show. I watched the 7 hour live investagation (along with their past episodes), and i've always been impressed by how much energy they put into making this show acutally interesting to watch, unlike Ghost Hunters. I'm really looking forward to seeing new episodes and watch them investagate new areas. And yes I am a ghost believer, laugh if you want.
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Great role models
Adult Written byjohogatha November 13, 2009

Zak is on steroids.

I am very disappointed in the Travel Channel. I do enjoy watching the shows they air and when i came across this particular series i thought i would give it a shot, instead i am appalled at the drama queens they have promoting this. Zak and his crew are horrible, I am embarrassed for them and the Travel Channel.
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Too much swearing
Parent Written byyamomma October 26, 2011

Too much bad language

Way too much bad language. Even with the bleeps we know what they are saying. I stopped watching it. They need to clean up the language. Now I watch Ghost Hunters.
Parent Written bytreat02 March 2, 2012

demonic? why always demonic?

LANGUAGE ALERT! Very strong language. It is more funny than scary. Aaron is constantly overreacting, Zac is always saying something like it is all that or something, Nick is not that bad. I don't get how its all "demonic visits". Why not spirits that are good residual haunters? Demons are in every single one of them. One time they went to the Winchester house and they didn't investigate. They just tried to get a bunch of "demonic spirits that are attached to them" to come there. I don't think this is a good series.
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Too much violence
Too much swearing
Parent of a 15 year old Written bymememem January 30, 2011

The Hand is Quicker Than the Eye

The Ghost Adventures are a highly entertaining show. They are exactly that for entertaining purposes. Imagine being a electrician and having to turn the main power switch off at a home. You would be taught to do this yourself so you know it was done and not get yourself electricuted. Well the same is with the Ghost Adventures. What these guys are doing is not an exact science. The only way to believe what you are seeing is to be there yourself and witness these phenomenon. For instance these EMF devices are really neat and stuff but, if you left one out for an hour and watched it the readings would go up and down on their own without being touched. The odd thing here is that the human body gives off electricity. The same for the digital recordwers. how do we know that these devices memories are emptied before thier investigations??? We don't! Like I said great for entertaining and ratings for the station, but in reality alot of things can be done in television. So if you want to experience a ghost, go ghost hunting on your own.
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