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Not worth time, find an educational show to watch.

Hate It! How phoney and boring can a show get? A waste of tv time. I tried to watch it twice, I kept falling asleep. That should tell you how exciting the show is. Don't waste your time.
not rated for age

Not As Good

So, my husband and I were SO excited for this to start, but walked away a bit disappointed. It's the same format as the regular program, so I'd be cautious with easily spooked kids--we don't always let our 11 year old watch. We REALLY don't like the new lead investagator--maybe he'll grow on us, but he's definately NOT Grant and Jay. I'm sure we'll watch regularly, but now, we really can't wait for the new season of the regular Ghost Hunters to begin in March!
not rated for age
not rated for age


I'm excited for TAPS going International. I currently do not like Robb, but I'm willing to give him a chance. Maybe he'll loosen up as the series progresses. He seems very uncomfortable and is stiff in front of the camera. Also, He really isn't "leading" the group. But you can see that he and the others are at least trying to find their footing. On a personal level, he just plain creeps me out. The whole show I felt like he was barely holding it together and that he was going to snap at any time. He seemed to keep his distance from the group throughout the whole show, except when necessary, and only appears to relax when he's in actual investigation mode. Even then he's kinda wacky, but in an amusing way. He does appear to be a good debunker. Personally, I think Andy would have made a better lead. I still look forward to future episodes and hope that Barry will be in more of them.
not rated for age

Far from the Original...

The most annoying of the TAPS crew have formed their own group. They come across as unprofessional. Their approach seems to contradict the most credible one of "disproving" hauntings. It was as though every little sound or movement was a spirit to them. Their behavior on investigations and during reviews seemed too emotional to be objective. In the off chance that they actually catch something on video or EVP, it makes it watchable. The cast themselves are smug and annoying.