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Reality fare for sci-fi addicts; can be creepy.
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Teen, 13 years old Written byNancy Drew 13 October 21, 2013

Best Ghost Show Ever

There is uncensored mild swears and censored strong swears. It can be scary for kids younger than 10 because it is not fake.
Teen, 17 years old Written byTheTrillionaire November 25, 2012

Iffy for 10+

Paranormal Show is too edgy for young kids.

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Kid, 10 years old September 29, 2012

Awesome, but scary.

The first time I watched this, it scared the hell out of me. They talk about murders, they cuss even though it's bleeped. NOT for kids under 9. But it's EPIC!
Kid, 10 years old July 13, 2012

Good Ghost Show!

Good show indeed! I watch this with my family alot. Sad that one of the members left (SPOILER ALERT) Some other ghost shows are just acting. That kings island ghost I wanna talk to xD.

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Kid, 12 years old April 12, 2012

Interestingly creepy

This show sure gives you the creeps although everything they do and hear seems pretty explainable to me, that's probably why they film it in the dark....It's all fake. It is pretty interesting and addictive though!
Kid, 9 years old December 9, 2011


and here it is. we are in a world. and what we got here? A thing for a pack of wild idiots . why do i say that ? WELL shut up and think . its a swearing palace for a jerk who takes swearing lessons. so what do you say? jump in with a pack of idiots? or do the right thing and avoid stupid suc`in shows we DO NOT know what makes me scared? if you guess ghost, THINK AGAIN!!! its sucin people who watch shows like these.

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Teen, 13 years old Written byJustino4 October 11, 2011

Much More Creepy Paranormal Show

A much more creepy/scary paranormal show. If you're not in your double digits of years, this show can give you nightmares like it used to give me.

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Kid, 12 years old October 8, 2011


This show is boring. All these people do is run around in the dark and NEVER catch anything. Nothing ever happens. On a couple episodes, they do catch a couple cool things like flashlights moving around or an intelligent responces, but other than that, it's boring.

I stopped watching it when I found out about Ghost Adventures. Those guys ACTUALLY FIND STUFF. It's awesome and suspensful! They catch apparitions, provoke demons (One time one of them got scratched!) give interesting back stories, and the best part: There are NO big camera crews following them!

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Teen, 14 years old Written byImNotNormal May 11, 2011


I Watch it with my 7 year old sister. She loved it!
Kid, 10 years old October 30, 2010

if u like paranormal activity, then youll like this!!

Awsome!!! it could b scary at times. 1 eposode my sis was diggin her head in the pillow!!!! wut a wimp!

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Teen, 13 years old Written byJayc3 January 10, 2010

Predictable show.

Stupid show, obviously fake if you think about it.
By the way, I hope people realise that it takes hours of meditation to even feel a connection between you and the spirits of others.
Plus the ACTORS 'act' as if every sound is a ghost.
Kid, 10 years old January 3, 2010

good for older kids

i think this is ok for 8 and up because its just people trying to find(ghosts)

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Kid, 10 years old November 13, 2009

ghost hunters are good for anyone but may be scary for younger kids

i always watched it so you don't have to help me say if it is good or not....he-he
Kid, 11 years old November 4, 2009

gh gh gh gh ghostie

FUNNY! the stories behind the places are cool!
Kid, 10 years old November 3, 2009

Kids shouldn't watch shows with curses.

Hate the cursing.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byGhostHunter225 April 6, 2009

Your show rocks

I really want to be a GHOST HUNTER when I get older too! I watch it every Wenesday on SCI-FI. I like all the places you go. I also like how good and knowledgeable you are when go into the rocken places. Like I said before I would really like to be you one day.
Kid, 10 years old April 9, 2008

i love this show

this show is one of the best paramoramal investigation show currently on tv. i am 13 years old and i love this show. the music and other creppy pictures in the show may creep younger childern out. but i love this show and would recommed it to others
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008
Teen, 15 years old Written bydaksiva April 9, 2008

Great show.

This show is great and is pretty much appropriate for all ages.My little brother who is four watches it with me and loves it.The only problem might be that some kids might become scared because because of the paranormal activity.It is a lot of fun to watch and just make sure you know if your child can handle it.
Teen, 13 years old Written byShortNsweet64c April 9, 2008

i love this show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this show is the coolest show!!!!!!!!i think it can be realy scary or realy mile depending on the episoed . i think it can be for kids my age about 10 and up. i still LOVE THIS SHOW SO GO WHACH IT !!!!! if you think its with like i seenc the spiret and i know what happend here with all that stuff its not its more since stuff . STILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!