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Stupid show, don't even know why they bother. Oh wait, now I see, the amount of kids that believe in this crap. Seriously, you think that ghosts are real because a show on nickolodeon (SP?) has kids go into 'haunted' houses walking around saying they're scared every 5 seconds? There are so many flaws in this too, why are they sending kids in there, if there is an actual ghost in there then why don't they get some specialists to partake in it? Dumb show aimed at dumb kids.
age 11+

I go to bed with chills up my spine.

I usually catch this at 8:30 due to homework and other things. It is scary but I have seen a few minutes of ghost hunters and I must say that is scary too. My favorite episode of this show would have to be Ghosts of the Grande Theatre because the trackers see seats with imprints in it. I rally like it and i think your kids might too. I dont recommend it to kids under ten because it is kind of scary since I take Joe Mclouds word for it when he says everything is real. Really good. Cant wait to see what tonights episode is.
age 9+

this is all fake . if you want to watch a ghost show watch ghost hunters .
not rated for age

so so

its like young ghost hunters. its ok but its still young ghost hunters and they dont probly debunk or miss solv any thing.also as kids like me they would get scared and thing its a ghost but when its just a liking pipe. you dont see much into why the place is hunted wich bothers me. all in all its ok but its still just a rokie show...
not rated for age

i lost 6 brain cells watching this!

I think Ghost Trackers is the best show every because I beliven in ghosts and I don't no why other people don't because as soon as they see one the will probable change their mind.I love ghosts, if people tell me a ghost story and then ask me if I thought it was true I would definaltly say yes.If you don't belive in ghosts you are crazy!