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Adult Written byEBrooke August 3, 2015

The Morals are OFF

Watching this as a 20yr old I was terrified at the fact that in one episode, the two main female characters-8th graders(13/14yrs old)-SNUCK OUT OF THE HOUSE TO GO TO A COLLEGE PARTY TO MEET AN OLDER BOY THAT ONE OF THEM LIKED(Did I mention they live in NYC & the college was NYU?) & wait for it...they receive almost zero punishment. It's actually a "learning moment." Disney shows can have silly scenarios to make it interesting for little ones--that's fine, but this is a screwed up message for the prime demographic for the show. The parents never once said, "Are you crazy? You could have been kidnapped or worse." Sneaking out to a party with kids their own age is bad enough, but a college party...seriously? The main character joins a sorority while there and I'm not sure why that was necessary or plausible but whatever. This is just one instance of weird morality in this show. Forget the moral compass of Feeny of good ole' Boy Meets World. This silly knockoff has exchanged quality lessons for the corny comedy of the new Disney. Plus, these 13 year olds wear high heels to middle school everyday where they consistently disrespect their teacher/Main character's dad/Cory(post nose job). Kids are better off with the original Boy Meets World in my opinion.
Parent of a 9 year old Written bykimjav July 19, 2014

Refreshing to see a real family show!

Kids are cool & parents are not only involved, but caring, supportive AND funny without acting like dimwits. Real life situations about growing up offers great opportunities to start families talking about issues to prepare Tweens for complexities of middle school. We love watching this show together!

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Parent Written byrosemaryg June 21, 2015

BEST Disney Show

I love this show because it teaches life lessons beyond the simplistic themes such as "don't lie" or "don't bully." In one episode the kids get into a food fight and leave the mess behind. To help them realize the effect this has on others, Mr. Matthews has the girls help out in the cafeteria and the guys help out the janitor for the week to see how important and under appreciated their work is. In another episode, a girl from a rival school's debate team is given a makeover, fakes turning into an airhead, and then delivers a heartfelt speech on how beauty isn't skin deep. Here's part of it: "Even though it is easy to be fooled by the beauty of the Trojan Horse, its real power comes from the army within. Intelligence, compassion, integrity, courage. That army is the real you. No matter what you look like. So, even though beauty may be skin deep, beauty is nowhere near as important as the army inside." I believe this show is beautiful and touching because of how the characters rely on one another and are trying to find out who they are with the help of (or in some cases, in spite of) their parents. Maybe I have my rose-colored glasses on and can't see any flaws in this show, but I believe it is good and (for a Disney show) real. It shows preteens messing up in the hopes that the viewers can relate and not have to make the same mistakes themselves. It shows kids how much of an impact they have on the people around them and just how much good a good influence can do.

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Parent of a 8 and 8 year old Written byDaisykinzville August 8, 2014
Adult Written byartistard3 October 4, 2015

Give it a chance

I am sixteen years old, and I have watched every episode of Boy Meets World. I decided to give the sequel, Girl Meets World a try. I have seen so many bad reviews of this show and I completely disagree with the statement that this show is a bad influence on teens in middle school. First of all, the show is actually very funny. The actors and actresses on the show have brilliant comedic timing and the jokes are funnier if you have watched more than one episode, and if you understand the characters. This show is about middle schoolers. It shows flirting and crushes the possibility of relationships, but without being too unrealistic. But more than that, it focuses on friendship. I think this show does a fantastic job at showing the complex relationships between friends. This is one of the only Disney shows that teaches important lessons to kids. This show has covered topics including: absent parents, cyberbullying, peer pressure, Autism, children's dependence on electronics, insecurities, stealing, flaws, and many more. I heard they are covering an episode on feminism and an episode on religion. And it's only on its second season. The actors are amazing, even outside of the show. They seem like amazing role models for children. This show can be a little corny, but it is a Disney show. I think it is a great show for children and adults to watch together. It's a great way to have conversation starters about certain topics with children. I would highly recommend giving this show a chance.

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Adult Written byWillowWish December 27, 2014


My 10 year old daughter and I decided to watch this show, and it was just horrible. Please keep in mind while reading this review that I have never watched the show Boy Meets World. First of all, The interaction with boys is a little too much for 7th graders. Normal seventh graders don't call girls they like their "women" and I think it's a little weird that the main character is flirting already. I didn't even start DATING until I was in late high school. Second, I don't think the teacher is that great. I don't like how he just introduces some sort of thing that happened in history, and then the four main characters just blab until class is over. NOT REALISTIC AT ALL. If I was in that history class I would seriously tear my ears out. It also is strange (as it is with all disney shows) how the characters never wear the same outfit twice. Obviously because they want to promote that clothing line DSigned or whatever but it's another unrealistic deal. I also find it interesting how they wear more makeup in the seventh grade than I DO. And I'm an ADULT. I also thought that the jokes were basically forced. The laugh track plays constantly, but most of the jokes aren't funny, or even well thought out. I overall thought that the girls in this show acted more like high schoolers because of the amount of boy interaction and makeup they wear, and I don't like how the blonde lady is a bad role model, kind of. Obviously she doesn't study well and should be putting more effort into her schoolwork rather her hairstyles. Is that the message we want to project to young girls? Don't bother with schoolwork? I also thought the show needed a little more character development. In the very beginning you're just getting to know the two main girls and BAM they're already meeting another person. Wasn't too impressed with the show, but if mediocre unrealistic shows where they basically force jokes into the show are you're type of deal, go ahead.
Adult Written bycrvillacorte February 21, 2016

Social Learning from the Media

I used to love watch Boy Meet World when it was still playing on Disney Channel in the 90s. When I was younger I wouldn't understand why my parents would put parental controls on the shows I like to watch, but now I understand that I wasn't old enough to differentiate from whats wrong or right. Although certain things shown in Girl Meets World are seen as normal or OK, we are constantly learning through shows, movies, music, etc. As I was growing up, I learned that we mainly learn through observation & social learning, especially through the media, without even noticing it. Girls Meets World is a good show which took many similar aspects from Boys Meets World, but now that I'm aware with how society is, based on our children's attitudes & behavior, this show made me even more aware on how the media shapes society, & our future through young audiences. I just watched the first episode, and the first scene was the two young girls planning on sneaking out, or just going through the front door in-front of Riley's parents since they're supposedly not doing anything wrong, but they still go ahead & still try to sneak out, but Cory catches them & comes into the scene all cheerful & not mad at all for catching his daughter & bestfriend trying to sneak out. I think that this part of the episode shows young teens that it's okay to risk sneaking out, and even though they get caught - they won't get in serious trouble. Another scene from the episode is when Maya talks back to the teacher, who is Cory, and fights for the cause to have no homework, & then all other students follow her lead. Although it gives a message about protesting on what you are against, but this scene it's protesting against homework which gives the idea to young audiences that its OK to not do homework, and possibly disobey their teachers. Another example is when the main character, Riley, is trying to be like her best friend, Maya, who is obviously a bad influence. I think that the message that is being portrayed to our young audience is that it's normal or OK to give in to peer pressure. In addition to that, although Maya told the teacher that she doesnt do homework because no one is there to help her at home, they also give the message to the young audience that its OK to not do homework or act in such a behavior just because of what is going on in their family household. Another thing that caught my attention is that given with how young the character looks, and showing that its okay to be mesmerized with the opposite sex - just gives our children the impression that they are old enough to be feeling, behaving, worrying or thinking that way about the opposite sex at such a young age. Finally, GMW doesn't show any punishment or ground rule for their behavior. Even when the girls tried sneaking out or when Riley wanted to be like Maya when she talks back to their teacher or opposes on doing homework & basically doing whatever she wants even if its wrong, but still stood up for her, makes it seem that its OK to do such things, and doesnt give the message for kids to be careful with who they hang out that can bring them into trouble. Cory does say to her daughter/student that she should have known better, and told Maya that friends dont bring each other down, they don't really send out that message based on the main scenes thats being focused on. There are many other aspects in the episode that caught my attention, and I still have the rest of the season to watch, but I hope that my review is understandable, and that I'm not being too critical of it. It just concerns me, because our children watch it, and through our children, it shapes society as a whole.

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Adult Written bymirprice January 23, 2016


I have absolutely no clue what is going on 99% of the time because they play the laughing track every five seconds. I'm not even kidding, it's ALL THE TIME. There is no plot whatsoever. They start the episode with the two girls complaining . Then, they go to class for thirty seconds until someone makes a corny joke, stands up on top of their desk, and then everyone just walks out of class. Everyone complains and the episode is over. The one blonde girl constantly hints about how bad her home situation is and everyone, including the grownup figures, is like," lol ok. " I only watch the show to see if the two girls will end up together because.... tbh nobody is that touchy with their friends without something going on there. But we all know Disney won't go for the gay couple.
Adult Written byDee013 May 13, 2015

Best show on Disney!

I am a HUGE BMW fan so when I heard about GMW I was skeptical about it because it was originally made by abc and now Disney was making it. Disney shows in this generation SUCK badly, but I think they did a really great job on GMW. A lot of people say it's "cheesy" and "unrealistic" but wasn't BMW? I mean Mr. Feeny was their teacher from 6th grade to college. The show has good lessons for kids and teenagers. They show you what real friendships look like. Also how to not rush into relationship at a young age and to not fall into peer pressure. GMW is a great show and if you are a 90'S baby like me it give you a nostalgic feeling at times.

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Parent of an infant and 12 year old Written bybriew June 19, 2015

Girls Meets World!

I watched Boys Meets World growing up, so when I heard they were making a spin off series I was afraid it was going to be awful. But I have gotten quite attached to this show and love that they have kept the morals and lessons in the show like they had in the original. I love this show, and so does my 12 year old!

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Adult Written byVile_Hollywood September 24, 2016

Great family show HOWEVER now concerned in 2016

After my spouse and I grew up watching Boy Meets World, we were excited to show our own children the spin-off Girl Meets World. Thus far, we've not had any complaints. We often gather the entire family, to watch this show. That being said, my spouse and I are now very concerned that, due to Rowan Blanchard's 2016-January public Twitter posting to announce her own "coming out as queer" and asking that her fans not "label her" as anything gender-specific. We're deeply concerned that the show's writers will inevitably bring this personal choice to her character's on-screen preference as well. Why? Because that's precisely what Hollywood does - attacks the very principals of the conservative viewer. And Rowan is not the only one doing so - another teen Kira Kosarin from The Thundermans has recently made a similar public statement online, adding that she is also bisexual. What is it with Disney and Teen Nick girls-gone-wild? Excperts: "In my life - only ever liked boys," she shared online. "However I personally don't wanna label myself as straight, gay or whateva so I am not gonna give myself labels to stick with - just existing ;)" She continued, "Yes, [I'm] open to liking any gender in future is why I identify as queer." Reference article (one of many):

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Adult Written byBrij1234 July 10, 2015

A great show!

I've seen several episodes and they're all been great. F.Y.I. though the show gives advice to the people watching it. I think it's usually great/ok advice.
Adult Written bySnowGreen July 9, 2016

Rowan Blanchard was a bad choice

Rowan comes off very annoying and bratty in the show. The show is very unrealistic when it comes to actions/relationships/ and consequences
Adult Written byDenis9898 June 7, 2016

My thoughts on the show.

In my opinion, its a great show, its a follow up to the show "boy meets world" the intro is GREAT, the story line is pretty good. many parents will say its bad for kids but in my opinion it isnt. it shows the kids how to be human because this new generation is corrupt. i would say its 12+ because they do talk about dating boy friend girlfriend etc... this is my review.

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Adult Written byMgreenlund June 20, 2015

A great spin-off!

I spent much time watching Boy Meets World and was excited to see Disney revisiting a great show about relationships, friendship, family, and the perks and pains of growing up. Girl Meets World does a spectacular job of appealing to both the viewers of Boy Meets World whilst developing a new story of two young girl's struggles and joys of Jr. High/High School. This show isn't trying to be funny, it IS funny because it stems from the genuine humor of a young girl, her parents, and her teacher's challenges. It is relatable to EVERYONE. Not just a child or adult. However mature you are will determine how much you can take away from a show like this, but this show can still teach viewers who aren't quite at their capacity. And that's why I love it. Bringing back and reuniting characters from "Boy Meets World" only conveys the sentimental and genuine quality of this show. Everyone can be taught a lesson by both Mr. Feeny and Cornelius Matthews. The writers have proven that no matter how different you may be, your opinion is still just. What a great example to teach your children, and to reminded of as an adult. If you are a jaded, regretful, unappreciative human being you made not have the same respect I've developed for this material. "...Dream. Try. Do good."

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Parent of a 2 year old Written bymeganr4 October 16, 2015


I don't think it's for kids.
Adult Written byBigchris July 23, 2014


ok well I watched this show with my little sister who is 10 "going on 11 very soon. and it was fine for her a cute funny little show but in the back of my mind I was confused about what age this was really meant for I mean there are jokes about flirting and dating jokes galllor I personally thought it was fine for my sis though just be cautious with extremely young kids I would say about 9 or older could handle this ps corey is wayyyyyy more uptight then u remember from the old boy meets world days it gets super annoying fast but other than that its cute for the right audience try it

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Adult Written byJInsinna13 May 31, 2015

Dumb, but I love Sabrina Carpenter, Ben Savage, and Rider Strong

I loved BMW, and when I heard Rider Strong(Shawn)was gonna be in the holiday episode, I wanted to watch GMW to see what it was like. It was dumb. I watched four episodes and made the conclusion it was dumb. The kids act so fake. Riley(Cory’s daughter)is so rude. In the holiday episode, she ordered Cory and Shawn around and got away with it. If I ever did that, I would be in a lot of trouble. I want to point out that there is some content that I'm surprised Disney Channel included. In the holiday episode, there was some gay stuff. I knew Cory and Shawn acted gay on BMW, and I loved their friendship, so I knew to expect it. Cory and Shawn were hugging each other, and Shawn was kissing Cory on the cheek while nearly strangling Auggie(Cory's son)in the process. And there was also the joke where Maya called Shawn "Cory's boyfriend". In a more recent episode, one of the adult male characters(I'm not going to say who)wore a see through shirt that I felt was inappropriate. I'm surprised Disney Channel included this content, but luckily, it doesn't show up very often. The lessons at the end are also cheesy. Sometimes, I feel like Riley doesn’t learn her lesson at all. However, I enjoy watching Sabrina Carpenter(Maya), Ben Savage(Cory), and recurring guest star Rider Strong(Shawn)in anything I see them in. If I ever watch any more episodes of GMW, I will only watch the Rider ones because I enjoy watching him that much. Watch it if you want to, but be prepared for it to be dumb.
Adult Written byshejd s. August 3, 2016


Disney has failed with this one. Nobody talks like these morons. It's like Disney gave up
Adult Written byTrevorsHeartburn September 22, 2015
The jokes regarding Japanese internment camps were uncalled for