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Fun family Halloween flick has some frightful moments.
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Adult Written byPointy-a-parent December 17, 2013

For skeptical parents, both with positive and negative points

Hi Families,
I'm Pointy a parent and teacher,
When I first watched Girl vs Monster I a little skeptical, but it turned out pretty good, though that's only my opinion. In my reviews I always put what parents want to know. We all raise our kids differently so here are the reasons why you might want to watch it first, like I did, or watch it with them. Or maybe it won't matter if you let them watch it by themselves.
1) The Language is not terrible, though I would of course never let my child say any of it. Besides most of it is from the villains. Words like idiot, shut up, stupid and dumb are used, but only from the bad guys.
2) Is there any sexy stuff? of the main characters, Ryan, has had a crush on Skylar (another main character) for a long time and is afraid to ask her out. Finally though he does and she says yes. Though other than that nothing, no physical contact or words really are used, other than a song.
3) Violence, the main characters are in peril most of the movie also the monsters are shot at with laser guns. Also some characters chased, held hostage, and dangle from on top of a roof. Plus there are some scary part, no gore, just startling parts were monsters chase, pop out of no where and fly around making sounds.
4) Skylar is a good role model, she's independent, strong and most of the movie fearless. She keeps her friend's hope up.
5) The message is very good. The whole theme of the movie is too be without fear. To overcome your fear. At the end they all overcome their fears.
Another thing you might want to know is how the characters dance. In some parts they are dancing with questionable movements, but nothing really bad.
Most of the negative facts I stated are only knowledgeable to parents because kids wouldn't pay attention to them. Over all it's a good movie. Though like I said it has some starling parts and a crush. But not much more. For more reviews like this one check out most of the Disney movies and TV shows, and most children's books. Just look for my name at the top or bottom of a review.

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Parent of a 2, 9, and 12-year-old Written bycremepie998 February 10, 2013

Great Movie With Few Scary Scenes

Through Disney Channel's original movie, Girl vs Monster, they send positive messages like "Face your fears." The movie itself isn't the least bit cheesy, it is like a better version of Wizards of Waverly Place! I highly recommend it.

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Adult Written byLaura B. December 4, 2016

I think beautiful Skylar lewis should dedicated to the girl who's turning 19 years old next year

When sarah byrnes was little she got put in skylar lewis

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Violence & scariness