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Savannah your YELLING

Savannah sounds like shes yelling. She's bossy, spoiled and boring. Her sarcasm is ridiculous. Worst show. Miss know it all. Savannah you suck.
age 18+

Elliott most annoying

I have watched Christley knows best and have loved the show. I loved his children and thought the show growing up Christley was going to be great BUT as I watch the first season every episode gets more and more annoying only because of Elliott. I am not sure who thought someone like Elliott would be good for the show. Im just annoyed by him. Im not sure how much more I can take of him. By episode 6, I stopped paying attention. As I get into season 2 I hope to god its less of him. I want the show to be great because I feel The Christley's are a great family that I love to follow.
age 15+

Elliott a fresh addition

A stroke of genius to add Elliot to the series. Thanks to whoever came up with the idea. I have followed the Chrisleys since the beginning. Elliott is the quick-witted, straight-faced, type of humor like Bob Newhart. Extremely talented and a great addition to the show. Thanks for keeping it real and continuing to make us laugh.
age 18+

Chase is a horrible big shot

Chase is an idiot on this show thinking hes gonna make it big on acting. He needs to grow up!
age 18+

Who is Elliot

This show is so funny I was in a bad mood and started watching this show that kid that is the friend they had me crying with joy