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I typically love the show despite the judging being totally rigged! I mean who cares? But what I absolutely dislike is when the so called “celebrity chefs” play for charity and Justin Werner plays for baby infanticide planned parenthood! It’s sick!
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Favorite Show!

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age 17+

Very Disappointing

The Judging on this show is totally unfair and it’s upsetting because I use to love the show but the way certain chefs are treated is wrong so I’m done watching the show
age 12+

Love it yet disappointed!!!!

I so love this show and I watch it faithfully. Today after Chef Tobias lost I realized Black Chef rarely win anyway. One out of 30 black Chefs win on the show. How do you disqualify someone because one judge didn’t like the sauce? When the other Chef served bitter sauce. It’s always a raw deal. You enjoyed watching him cook but cut him for a sauce that was too salty. Yet the steak & shrimp was perfectly cooked. I might stop watching this show. And I love Guy. I watch all of his shows but this one is not always far.

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age 18+

Guys grocery games cheese

Cheese episode suppose to be stuffed not layered....wrong winner...lasagna not was layered. Someone who actually stuffed should have won! Ex... Stuffed pork chop or stuffed chicken cordoned blue...
age 18+

Judges should judge blindfolded.

They 99% of the time vote the women off first. Then the next to go is the non white males any race. Then when it gets down to the final 2 the Caucasian always wins regardless how great the other contestants food is. Then what’s really interesting is, now on his Diners and Dives show he’s traveling with a random black guy. I guess to save face for the racist game show he host.
age 6+


I say and watched a guys grocery games marathon and WHY IS IT RARE A BLACK CHEF MAKWS IT TO THE FINAL ROUND. Like is sad how much I’ve noticed this and from other reviews it’s not just me.
age 8+

The Food Network can do better To represent female chefs

Now I think Guy gets along very well with both sexes and all races; however, I have yet to see two female judges and one male judge...the formula seems to be two male judges and one female judge. Females rarely win the challenges and African American females hardly ever. I saw one AA chef told by two male judges that her chicken was dry...but it looked moist and beautiful! What do I tell my three daughters who all love to cook—about why women rarely win—my husband and I feel the entire Food Network is sexist?
age 7+

Bias of judges

This is a fun show to watch. Just be aware that the judging is not fair. Richard Blaise is the worst of these "judges". The tournament when the contestants competed to take on Robert Irvine was a complete farce. The criteria used to eliminate contestants were thrown out when it came time to judge Mr. Irvine's work. It seemed apparent that Mr. Blaise was either extremely biased in favor of Mr. Irvine or totally intimidated by him. These episodes severely undermined the integrity of an otherwise fun show. My wife and I love Guy'shows otherwise.
age 18+

It's a racist show low key

African Americans never win even if they cook the food good. I only seen one who run but all the rest doesn't we in 2020 not slavery days anymore. Let the racism go already.