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HobbyKids Adventures

HobbyKids Adventures: The three animated HobbyKids stand in front of the three real life brothers that inspired them.
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age 3+

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age 3+

It’s decent, more of a kids show than a family show

It’s not really deserving of the 2.8 score it has on IMDb, but it’s still far from great. The stories aren’t amazing in any way, but they’re done just fine. I don’t find it very funny, but that’s probably because I’m a teen. Also it’s a bit confusing how the real life Hobbykids are a part of the show (as evidenced by the theme song) but the Hobbykids in the show are voiced by adults, that’s a huge nitpick but I felt like mentioning it. I think kids 3-9 will love it, but anyone older not so much.