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Adult Written byJInsinna13 April 17, 2015

One of my favorite sitcoms

I watched this show in reruns when I was younger, and I still love it to this day. It's so funny. Tim is accident prone, and I always laugh at how bad his projects turn out. I also love the kids. Brad, Randy, and Mark are funny. They're also authentic. A lot of the kids on shows nowadays(especially the kids on Disney Channel shows)act so fake. Brad, Randy, and Mark act how kids really should act. This show also teaches good lessons that all kids should learn. If you watch this show, be prepared to laugh and laugh a lot.
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Adult Written byJRCrews20 June 21, 2012

Good show, clean and funny

It's funny to see Tim destroying stuff, especially when Al gets mad. I kind of felt bad when Tim dropped a steel beam on a 55 Nomad. It's a good clean entertaining show to let young kids watch.
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Too much consumerism
Adult Written byCastellanos July 17, 2009

Full of slapstick, but still witty enough for older viewers

Home Improvement is a very funny T.V. show that will entertain both younger and older audience members. There is plenty of slapstick humor with Tim constantly causing accidents, but there are still plenty of witty remarks that will keep older audience members engaged. Parents should know that there is a lot of slapstick humor, but unless it directly relates to the plot, no one is seriously hurt. There are some occasional sensual remark made by the adults, but they will easily pass over kids heads. In closing, Home Improvement is a great show for all of the family.
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Adult Written byJon Lovitz May 20, 2009


I never cared for it, but it's pretty tame.
Adult Written bymoviemadness December 28, 2008

Awesome Show

Home Improvement is filled with slapstick humor, tender family moments, and LOTS of laughs. Appropriateness varies from show to show. Some have sexual themes, others discuss issues that just aren't okay for younger kids.
Adult Written bythescreenname April 9, 2008
SEXUAL CONTENT: pause. VIOLENCE: not an issue LANGUAGE: pause. SOCIAL BEHAVIOR: not an issue COMMERCIALISM: not an issue DRUGS/ACHOLHOL: pause.
Adult Written bydharvell April 9, 2008

Home Improvement Gives A Laugh A Minute

For the most part, this show is very family friendly. Be warned, though, that talk about sex prompted my little girl to ask, "What's sex?". Maybe not appropriate for the youngest of the young, but overall, a great family treat.