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Kelly Ripa shines in laugh-out-loud, (mostly) family-friendly sitcom.

I remember watching this sitcom when I was a kid and it was absolutely hilarious. Now I've just gotten back to revisiting the show and although it is nearly 15 years old (wow!) it still feels fresh and the comedic value is still there. Kelly Ripa as Faith Fairfield is honestly the star of this show. Everything she says and does will elicit laughter, you just cannot take her character seriously and everything she does is over dramatic. This show is definitely safe for the younger ones... I would actually suggest watching as a family too. There is some foul language in the show, but it is limited to basic insults such as "idiot," "stupid," "moron." However, words such as "skank" and "bitch" come up a few times as well. There is a healthy dose of sexual innuendo and references, including jokes about BDSM and masturbation. Some kissing between characters and over-the-top flirting. A few episodes deal with Hope's desire to have another baby, Sidney's virginity, and sisters Hope and Faith being mistaken for lesbians as a major plot point in one episode. Also, Faith in particular makes several penis jokes, usually in the form of double entendres. She tends to wear revealing clothing and tries to seduce attractive men who are sometimes married. All of these previously mentioned events are extremely funny though, and a lot of the jokes and references will go over children's heads anyways. There is some slapstick violence (e.g., Charlie getting into a scuffle with Faith's new love interest, Hailey and Sidney pushing each other only for Hope to break up the fight, etc.) and threats of violence (a Halloween episode sees Hope and Faith trapped in a mansion with their scary childhood neighbour who pulls out a sword and says she will kill the sisters), but it is played for laughs. There are some scenes of drinking (e.g., Charlie often drinks beer, and in one episode Hope and Faith are at a frat party and Hope gets talked into drinking from a keg). I hate cheesy sitcoms with lame jokes, but this "oldie" is an underrated gem in the sitcom landscape. There are also valuable messages in each episode, and although Faith is usually compulsive and immature, there are moments where she provides guidance to her nieces and nephew. You need to check this show out for yourself. Oh, and did I mention that a young Megan Fox stars in the second and third seasons? It's a shame the show had such a short run...

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A bit risque, and at times feel good

"Hope & Faith" tells the story of a former soap opera actress who was killed off her show. Now she lives with her sister and her family in a small Ohio city. Faith played by Kelly Ripa is a selfish and antisocial character, while Hope is the mature and grounded character. Hope is considered Faith's foil. Some may say it's terrible but it's like a modern day take on Lucy and Ethel. Now for the content, strong sexual innuendo and scenes that hint intercourse. Language is a tad much use of ass, bitch, crap, damn, hell and one or two sluts and piss. Violence rarely occurs but if there's any it's slapstick. Charley (Ted McGinley) is seen to be a social drinker. A tearjerker Thanksgiving episode may upset some. The show does however show Hope trying to be a good role model and set an example for her kids, even if she goes along with Faith on her get rich quick schemes and misadventures. If you're looking for a good ABC sitcom for kids I suggest "8 Simple Rules" because it's clean.

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Great role models
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking