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Not one good thing about this show!

My son just turned 5 and he started watching this show a couple of months ago. I didn't think much about it until he started talking back to me and doing the opposite of what I asked him to do. I then sat and watched a whole episode with him to see if the show had any value to it. I now can say, NO! Horrid Henry is a awful show and it teaches children to bully, hit, talk back, throw tantrums etc. I wish there was a way to block it on Netflix kids. I don't want this garbage in my home.
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6+ its a good show

Its a great show but the only reason your kid is acting like horrid henry is because some kids find it hard to understand the world so they think the show helps them understand the world so just teach them like stuff about the world and tell them why they shouldn't act like horrid henry like maybe say something about the boogeyman or just anything or it could be they don't understand that much theres no swearing and its all horrid henrrys mum and dad's fault they call him horrid henrry there always enbrassed with him and he might have a mental disability I have fine motor skills problems and balancing problems so yea and by now ge probley is depressed and Peter yea when he was at the park he was doing something something very bad but the parents did not notice they should be arrested or something for child abuse and letting Peter do flirting with a idiot like its a bit hard to notice for a kid but anyone older can see it so yea like you should watch it and does people who say 18+ are being over protective like there is no swears and it makes it a bit easier to see how some kids have to go through child abuse so yeaaaaaaaa
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I have been binging this show it's really great but kids younger than 12 shouldn't watch it because it dosent teach good morals but Henry isn't all that bad tbh I hate the mom so much
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what i dont like about this show__________ 1. if ur kid is dumb BAN THEM FROM THIS SHOW ________2. when i was younger this show made me think that you should have an enemy this fucked me up big time, even showed signs of it ________3. a lot of henrys bad personality became a part of me, for example i started shouting a lot and i assumed i was scared of injections, also at that time my last injection was forever ago, literally (edit: i had a covid jab a few weeks ago and i hate injections) ________4. at one point i started being like peter because he was "perfect" (its a bad thing for those who never watched this) _________horrid Henry would be good for kids if they knew not to do any of the bad stuff from this show, its nothing but a mind altering show _________but other than that its a really good show 7/10
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This is a funny show, but it is not for little kids as Henry acts rude and mean to others. As long as the child watching understands that it is a cartoon and not real life they should be fine watching it
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Need to put more thought into the messages behind television

Whats interesting about Horrid Henry from a modern perspective is the way in which the show highlights toxic parental traits. It is unspecified whether or not this is intentional, but a lot of the actions of the parents in this show could be considered abusive. The consistent insulting of their son, the blatant favouritism and the lack of pursuit into the reasons why Henry could act in such a way. This is likely an example of reading to far into an outdated piece of media, however even if unintentional it does make you wonder what this show could be teaching young children, especially if this was an unintentional byproduct of a less educated time. Parents if you’re children are acting out, perhaps instead of consistent persecution try and communicate with them? Modern psychological children's studies highlight the fact that children will mimic the world around them, with the inclusion of television and especially the parents. Sometimes, the best way to get your children to stop acting out is a clear and concise talk about their actions! Anyway congrats if you read this large entry! Cant wait to see what type of people frequent this site and whether or not i have angered any people on here :)
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Poor old little Henry gets called horrid, WHY DO YOU THINK HE IS LIKE THAT? His parents never show him any understanding or empathy or love, except for when he is obidient. THEY NOT RAISING A DOG, HE A CHILD FOR GOODNESS SAKE, show little mite some compassion and humanity. He cleary has problems handling his emotions and struggle in many situations but they not address this at all (his parents) All the attention is on the little brother who they say perfect all the time which must make Henry feel awful and worse his problems but parents don't realise this. Show should be called HENRY'S HORRID PARENTS!
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Horrid Henry is the best!!!!!!

As an HH fan for a long time since I was a kid, I believe its a way we can learn from each other that Horrid Henry didn't do anything wrong most of the time and when he behaves nicely, his parents nor his brother cares and yells at him for no reason. In conclusion, Horrid Henry is a simple boy trying to live his life by being surround by mean parents and his not "perfect brother".

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Horrid Henry Review

It's great, you just laugh until you get aching sides!
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If your mature enough to under stand it then ok but other wise no.

Nobody on here seems to notice any other characters in this show. I agree the show is stupid. And i agree a young child should not watch this but every body is blaming henry for every thing. The only two characters in this show that dony treat him like garbage are his pet hamster fang and his best friend ' rude ralph. ' even ' perfect peter ' treats him like garbage. How is perfect peter the villian here? So called ' perfect ' peter will literally yell out ' mum! ' ' dad! ' or burst out crying just to get henry in trouble for no reason whatsoever and he belittles his older brother by rubbing how much better he should be in his face. And his parents dont say anything. If henry does anything right or wrong everybody finds a reason to blame him for some thing. Lets talk about ' moody margaret '. All she ever does is find some thing to tease him about, laugh in his face. And get in him in trouble for every thing. She literally gets upset when he wins and she loses. Her parents literally allow her to walk all over them and be a spoilt brat. Magaret gets away with just about every thing. And henry gets yelled at for even doing some thing right. Lets talk about ' stuck up steve ' now. He is rich and spoilt. His parents somewhat know how to scold him but they give him whatever he wants be they have the money to do it. And then stuck up steve rubs his rich family and how good and fancy his life is in henrys face. He is downright rude and get away with it. Nobody ever listens to henry, they yell at him constantly and when he does anything they stomp there foot and throw a fit. And then they get mad when they dont get respect out of him. There are a ton of adult messages in this show. For instance the episode where henry sneaks into margarets tree house in search of some thing he lost assuming she stole it and is keeping it in her tree house where and her and her friends hang out all the time that her parents probably dont check. He picks up one of her books to see if its what he is looking for, gets a look at whats on the front of it and says ' yuck! '. There is another episode where peter goes over to margarets house and asks why henry was not invited to the sleepover. And margaret says ' because its girlist. ' and peter responds saying ' you mean sexist? ' then margaret says ' no i mean girlist. ' then the other episode when henry and his family go to the park for a picnic and a random girl walks up and offers to help him. A couple of seconds later it becomes obvious peter and this girl that is way older then him have a crush on each other as they start flirting. And henry is pretty quick to notice it. Henry gets grossed out and embarrassed any time he comes in contact with a girl. But peter who is several years younger then henry seems to be perfectly fine with showing his affection towards women and seems a little to open about sex for some body his age. If you pay attention u will notice that every body treats henry like crap even down to fluffy peters cat. Excessive crying/tantrums, anger, rebellion, loss of motivation. These are all signs of verbal abuse. And it sounds like these parents have no idea what there kids are up to. And these kids sound like they know a bit more about sex then they should. Peter sounds like he needs to be checked by a doctor. There is nothing child appropriate about this show at it teaches is that its acceptable to treat every body like crap and then expect to be treated nicely. And just because henry listens to rock music doesnt mean he is a bad kid!