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Gripping medical/moral drama isn't for kids.
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Adult Written byMusicgirl23 July 1, 2011

An excellent show, but make sure that your children are sure of their beliefs

As a 20 year old introduced to this show by my father when I was 15, I have had time to grow and love it's positives. HOWEVER, I do agree with the rating of 14+ and even then, I would say that if your children are immature, unsure of their beliefs or uneducated about drugs, sexual behaviour, or other things that it might be wise to either discuss things, or wait a year or two. I'm saying this because I know that I was fine with it at 15, but I would say that some teens wouldn't have been. Until you are able to see that tv is just that, tv, and not something that happens in the real world, as a parent, discretion is warranted. If House were always cutting, then it would not be 'human', but there are a number of instances of extreme humanity, including an episode in which he lied to the transplant committee so a woman with bulimia could receive a new heart. I have at least half a dozen friends with eating disorders and if at some point now, or in the future, they needed a transplant, I pray that they will never be rejected. Just like I would freak if someone rejected me because I have a history of depression. But that's another rant. Know your children, know how strong their are in their beliefs, and you should be fine. If you feel unsure, best to wait, or discuss it. There are plenty of good balancers, in the fact that in the end, House is human, and that's what we need to see in everyone.
Adult Written byPeaceLuvJonas February 17, 2011

best show on tv

great show! i love every minute of it!! jesse spencer rox and hugh laurie is just amazing
Parent of a 12 year old Written bydeedesuncrystal December 2, 2009

not good for kids

I love it- but not good for kids.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Parent of a 8 year old Written byGirlFriday December 4, 2010

Great for adults, iffy for older teens

I love this show, however I don't think it's for everyone. This show is off-limits for my daughter. The language can be extremely offensive. The show deals with patients who are difficult to diagnose. It's a medical mystery, each episode is a puzzle. It's like solving a crime before it becomes a murder. The main character, Dr. Gregory House, doesn't believe in the social contract and speaks his mind without a filter. There are some good role models (Dr. Cuddy, Dr. Wilson, Dr. Cameron, etc.) who temper Dr. House's actions. There are situations dealing with sexual harrasment, racism, sexual orientation, religion, politics, etc. which are bound to offend everyone at one point or another. The show deals with moral dilemmas which challenge oneself to re-examine one's own morality. It is a well written show with witty humor dispersed thoroughly throughout.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Positive role models
Adult Written byAllie Pierson April 26, 2012

The best show on TV these days!!

Dr. House is brilliant, hillarious, and sexy.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Parent of a 8, 8, and 12 year old Written byGuineaPigCorn January 3, 2010

Perfect Adult Drama and for Teens

It's my favorite show. Hugh Laurie is excellent and if you check him out in previous roles, you'll see how versatile he is. He is British and did alot of comedy in the 90's for BBC. He is also a singer/musician and an author of two best-selling books. The supporting cast is fantastic, especially Robert Sean Leonard and Lisa Edelstein. It isn't a show for young children, however. Maybe 12 and up. There is some language and sexuality and adult themes, and House is a Vicodin addict, openly popping pills. So I think it should be an adults-only show.
Adult Written bynewtftmcgee December 17, 2015

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byTimTheTVGuy November 26, 2012

Hmmmm,let's see,I guess this show is okay.

Yep,it's an OK show.While some episodes are exicting and keep ya on your toes,some episodes are WAY TOO CREEPY.
Parent of a 11 year old Written bychalbridge October 1, 2010

sex can jump the shark!

I HATED the Season 7 premiere! WAY too much sexual behavior between House and Cuddy and way too much time away from his medical cases to do these orientations with her. Lastly, not really a good show for children who are still obscure to sexual world (and the insanity of it all.)

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Positive role models
Parent of a 1 and 9 year old Written bySteffauri516 March 5, 2012

Brilliant show for older teens and adults...

One of the few shows on TV that hasn't gotten worse with time. Personally I adore House, it's an emotionally gripping show chock full of drama, comedy, romance, action and occasionally, a positive message in the end. However, this show is far from kid friendly. I have two children, a daughter who's 8 and a son who's 1, obviously this show is completely out of the question for them. The show is full to the brim with intense situations, including sex, blood and violence. There is also heavy reference to drug use and addiction with the main character, House's addiction to vicodin and heavy drinking. There is a lot of swearing, which is never bleeped out words such as a$$, b!tch, [email protected], sh!t, and others are present, sometimes in large doses. And most importantly, this is a MEDICAL drama, so be prepared for some up-close views of grizzly operations, injuries, etc. Sometimes the show does end with a good lesson or moral to take away, but for young children, and parents of young children, the lessons learned will hardly mask the mature content. I'd rate this show on for teens 14 to 15 and older.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byMomofkandj June 18, 2009

Great for Adults

This is a great show, but it is for adults. The themes are simply inappropriate for children. There is so much great programming for kids and teens out there - let them watch shows that are not focused on middle aged doctors with failed marriages, drug addictions and chips on their shoulders! The idea that a bizarre medical crisis can hit a person out of the blue and bring them to near-death suffering is also not one that you want to plant in your child's brain. There is just no reason for sharing this show with your 12 year old!
Parent of a 14 year old Written byjacob0929 April 2, 2009

house is freakin good

i love house. its a good show but sometimes it deals with some sexual stuff thats not for young children. there is not like extremely graphic violence, just medical violence. and it will cuss some but just tell kids not to say stuff like that. and dr. houses pill-popping thing is a bad rolemodel to kids. overall id say house is for a mature 11 mabey 12. but viewer discretion is advised.
Adult Written bylinkinjayz April 9, 2008


A very good medical drama. The violence is not an issue at all... It has to do with medicine in a hospital -.-
Adult Written byxgoosegirlx April 9, 2008

Great medical show

This is one of the few shows that I watch. I believe that high school is an appropriate time for kids to start watching this show. Parents need to talk to their kids about drug addiction and breaking the rules when their kids watch this show. Just know your kid. Very funny show over all though.
Adult Written byhouse April 9, 2008

i loved it

hey all i love house i watch it all right alot so its good
Adult Written bycrackalakin April 9, 2008

Love it!!!

I love this show!!!
Adult Written bylhasamom April 9, 2008

I LOVE this show!

This is an awesome show, but does show some dramatized medical procedures, so not for the squeamish. Make sure your kids are over 13...
Adult Written byanandvvn April 9, 2008
Adult Written byndsmom April 9, 2008
Adult Written byJared Galczynski May 17, 2014

Mayra, M.D.

AY MAYRA. House is and always has been one of my favorite shows of all time ever sense I first saw it. But House is a very immoral person, so that's why I'm rating it Pause 12.