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Mentions too much sex!

This show is being shown in my 5th graders classroom. I do not feel that at least the one episode I saw was classroom appropriate and if that episode was that way I’m sure the others have similar commentary.

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Too much sex
age 13+

Be Aware - Season 2 - Talk about SEX in Certain Episodes

For the most part we like this show, you can really learn a lot. Season one was pretty good and safe to watch. Season 2 - Episode 8 - Battle of the Bible Belt was inappropriate for my preteen kids. Talked about sex and which religion is getting more!! Couldn't believe what I was seeing, that was way too much to handle. The clips that they showed of people laying intimately made my son look away in embarrassment. We had to turn it off. Just wish I would have known to skip that one. Worried about Episode 9 - Vice vs. Virtue now. I will have to prewatch it. Just thought I would share with you our experience. This is on netflix kids so just be aware.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing